3 Effective Ways to Straighten Crooked Bottom Teeth

3 Effective Ways to Straighten Crooked Bottom Teeth

It's 2021 and COVID has finally subsided. You can finally go to a nice party where you can wear that little black dress. But you look in the mirror and you see your smile. The problem is that you have a problem with your crooked bottom teeth.

You and many others have issues with their smile, and studies show that poor dental health can lead to a lack of confidence. But don't get discouraged, there are several ways that you can fix that little imperfection.

Straighten Crooked Bottom Teeth

Here are three ways you can get your confidence back and wear that dress for another stellar evening that you have planned.

1. Surgical Procedures

This would be the most painful, but the quickest method to aligning your teeth. The procedure entails either removing the excess teeth from the bottom row of your mouth or breaking the entire jaw to realign it.

The process is not often recommended unless under extreme circumstances, but it is highly effective and will yield quick results.

2. Veneers

Veneers are another option that can help make your bottom row of crooked teeth look perfect. Veneers act as ‘covers' for your real teeth and are permanently installed over the teeth for your smile to look how you want it. They offer little cosmetic intrusion, and all the dentist has to do is remove a little enamel to make the veneer fit.

The dentist can make your veneer match your other teeth, and the porcelain ones can last for years. However, they are also expensive. Also, with the enamel being removed, it makes your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold, and the veneers are too thing to protect your teeth from them.

3. Retainers

There are different types of retainers, such as removable and bonded ones. Some of the most famous are Invisalign Timeline and Zendura Orthodontics, and retainers are used very frequently as an alternative to other dental corrective methods.

Removable Retainers

They come with advantages, such as the fact that they can be removed and they are a convenient thing to use. However, they can be easily damaged and lost if left lying around, and then if not properly cleaned they can become a Petri dish for bacteria.

Bonded Retainers

These cannot be misplaced or lost, and they're not visible to others. They also don't get damaged easily. However, they can cause tartar and plaque to build up. You cant take them off, and they might irritate your tongue.

If you opt for non-invasive methods for your teeth correction, these may your best bet.

Fixing Your Crooked Bottom Teeth

Crooked bottom teeth can be a personal blow to self-esteem, and you deserve to look better than what you feel you do. Consider all your options and then choose the best path to your best smile.

You can have pearly whites and a fantastic smile, all you have to do is maintain it. Let your teeth show and feel good about yourself.

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