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Signs That You May Need Braces

People put on braces for different reasons. It could be for beauty purposes or for oral health reasons.  The orthodontic problem can cause serious health problems in the long run if left unattended to. You need to visit your dentists regularly to check if your oral health is good and offer early treatment if there is anything wrong. This should be taken seriously especially for children and young adults. The following are the reasons why you need braces for your teeth:

Signs That You May Need Braces

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth can happen in both adults and kids, although it is most prevalent in children. This is one of the major and common reasons why braces might be needed. Signs to look for are overlapping teeth, teeth that are sitting from sideways or protruding teeth. In most cases, this happens because there is limited space to accommodate all the teeth on a straight line.

People with this condition find it to affect their smile.  The effects of this condition are that it might cause tooth decay, abnormal enamel wear, plaque or gum disease. This condition is mostly genetic but it can be corrected by the use of braces. If you have this condition or realize your child has it, it is best to consult with the Calgary Orthodontist for an early remedy. If the problem is neglected, simple tasks like brushing teeth or biting and chewing become difficult.

Far Apart Teeth

This is another problem, just the opposite of the crowded teeth. Wide and unnecessary gaps on your teeth may cause jaw problems or biting problems. Wide gaps may be a missing tooth, small teeth or just large gaps from one teeth to the other. This condition can be corrected by wearing braces. The teeth get aligned well and reduce the large spaces.

Biting Problems

If you find that you are having problems biting or chewing food, you need braces. If you are always accidentally biting your tongue or the inner part of your cheeks or lips, you have the biting problems that need to be addressed. This problem is caused if the upper teeth extend beyond the lower teeth or lower teeth extending past the upper teeth. Another major problem caused by the misaligned bite is that it might cause tooth decay, especially if food is getting trapped in between the teeth. This is because brushing becomes difficult.

Jaw Pains

This caused by misaligned teeth which exert extra pressure on the jaw joints, thus bringing about the pain. If you keep on feeling the pain or soreness on the jaws, especially when you open or close the jaws, you can put on braces to correct it.

Sleeping Problems

Some sleeping problems such as apnea are associated with oral health problems. It causes airway disorders in people. If you are having this problem you can have the braces to re-position the jaws which will help facilitate the airflow.

To prevent complex oral health problems, kids under seven years should go see an orthodontist. Adults should also see the dentist as soon as possible to correct the dental problems that may have.

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