5 Preventive Measures Against Swine Flu

5 Preventive Measures Against Swine Flu

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Thus, it is always recommended that one should focus on preventive measures beforehand to avoid getting ill and then struggling with the treatment. The same case goes with seasonal flu viruses like swine flu.

Caused by a relatively new type of influenza virus called H1N1, swine flu came to limelight back in 2009 when it infected a large number of people. Back then, people were unaware of the virus and its preventive measures; thereby it was difficult for them to protect themselves against the virus.

Swine Flu Prevention

However, over the years, healthcare specialists have come up with various measures for swine flu prevention. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common and effective ones.  Take a look:

  1. Proper Hand Washing

Though a simple and obvious technique, hand washing with Dettol Hand Wash can significantly reduce your chances of getting infected. Swine flu virus generally lingers on objects like doorknobs, keyboard, bottles from where they can easily get transmitted to humans through touch.  So, if a person having swine flu touches a door, there are chances that they have transferred some virus to the doorknob. If you touch the same door and then touch either your eyes, nose or mouth with the hands, you might get infected.

Therefore, you must wash hands properly either with soap or Dettol Hand Washto free them of germs. It is advised to wash hands for at least 30 seconds with Dettol Hand Wash especially after sneezing and coughing. In case you don’t have access to water, carry Dettol Hand Sanitizer for swine flu prevention.

  1. Avoid Touching Eyes, Mouth and Nose

It may sound a difficult task for there are plenty of moments when you touch your eyes, mouth and nose during the day. However, this is also a fact that these are some prominent ways through which H1N1 virus can enter your body.

Swine flu is extremely contagious, and the vulnerability towards this virus is high among people with low immunity. Thus, it is essential that you try not to touch your face, especially with dirty hands. In case you have a strong urge to itch, do wash your hands or use Dettol Hand Sanitizer before and after touching your face.

  1. Stay Away from Crowded Places

As swine flu can easily transfer from person to person through direct or indirect contact, try to avoid crowded places where catching swine flu virus is quite easy. While this doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself but becoming a social butterfly won’t help either when the swine flu is at its peak.

This preventive measure becomes much more imperative if you have a weaker immune system or are pregnant. And even if you have to go out, do follow the first tip for swine flu prevention; i.e., hand hygiene.

  1. Wear Masks

Another way of preventing swine flu is to wear a mask or cover your mouth and nose when meeting an infected person. You should also take this step when you experience swine flu symptoms to avoid infecting others.

Moreover, don’t use the same mask and discard it after one use. Covering your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing are also essential to stop the virus from spreading to others.

  1. Get Vaccinated

When the H1N1 virus enters your body, it starts multiplying to affect the immune system. In such cases, vaccination can prove to be of great help. Thus, getting a flu vaccination every year can be a good way of protecting your body from such infectious diseases. You can also consult a doctor to get all the details about the vaccination and stay safe.

To Sum Up

There is so much to do in life and getting infected with swine flu is certainly not something anyone would want. A wiser and better step is to protect yourself against the H1N1 virus by following the above-listed measures. These habits won’t just shield you from swine flu but also keep other seasonal diseases at bay.

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