Pilates in Brisbane

Pilates in Brisbane

If you are a fitness freak, or wish to tone up an atrophied muscle after an accident or desire to stir your body, muscles, mind and soul, pilates in Brisbane will do the magical job for you. Pilates as a form of exercise and a clinical therapy have created much flurry and furore among Brisbane physiotherapists who have taken to this unique exercise to treat patients in plenty. And the results have propelled to unprecedented heights. From pregnancy solutions to accident injuries and general physical discomforts like back aches, pilates can simply do wonder treatments.

Take a look at some fundamental facts about pilates in Brisbane and how it is being used substantially by physiotherapists to treat patients for different ailments and causes.

What is Pilates?

Pilates refer to a genre of exercises which encompasses a blend of eastern and western forms of movement such as martial arts, yoga, weights training and the like. It is targeted at strengthening and improving the body posture, balance, breathing, “core” stability and tenacity and flexibility of muscles. Pilates requires extreme patience and perseverance to pursue and can be done on the floor or on machines. “Core” in Pilates addresses the muscles of the spine, trunk and pelvis.

How does Pilates Help Your Body in General?

  • Pilates by focusing on your breathing, proper pelvic and spinal movements augments your mental agility and de-stresses and soothes your nerves
  • If you are a fitness buff, Pilates will assist you to achieve a body that is lean, strengthening your muscles and increasing the elasticity without turning your stature into a short, hefty one.
  • Sports aficionados can benefit in a great way through exercising of Pilates as it helps condition the whole body in a balanced manner unlike regular workouts.
  • Clinical Pilates helps recuperate from injuries of the back and neck
  • The very nature of Pilates training with low impact gentle moves help patients move with ease and persist with the exercise.

Physiotherapy and Pilates in Brisbane

Pilates in Brisbane has created a special niche of its own in the treatment methodologies of physiotherapists. Through the use of pilates along with various other therapies like yoga, massage, Vibration Plate Trainings and Naturopathy, physiotherapists in Brisbane today are trying to carve unique strategies to treat patients for different ailments and conditions. Here are some of the ways which Physio and Clinical Pilates in Brisbane help patients and pregnant women.

  • Neck and back pains are a commonplace thing in today’s stressful life where you need to spend hours sitting in front of your computer in the same posture. For treating back and neck aches, physiotherapists take up two types of treatments, namely, active and passive.
  • If you are a proud mother-to-be, pilates can help strengthen the various muscles involved at childbirth like pelvic, abdominal and back extensors as well as assisting you to make tensed areas of the body flexible.

So if you are suffering from spinal aches or wish to undergo a recovery treatment for your body injury, you know where to look for the ultimate answer.

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  • Pilates is by far the most useful exercise to relieve discomforts in the joint as well as an overall well-being routine workout.

    • Pilates has been practised with much enthusiasm in western countries, but is sure finding its niche in developing countries as well. I guess it is the success of the techniques that drives in the people.

  • Will give this a try, I have suffered from back pain for years.

    • Please do but with proper guidance as this can be dangerous if done without proper knowledge.

  • Well are there some courses because i’m interested after suffering from back pain for a while now .


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