Qualifications for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

Qualifications for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

A LASIK surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in eye surgery, specifically, the correction of myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. These are delicate conditions which need the care of a highly competent LASIK surgeon. The criteria or qualifications that should be considered when choosing a LASIK surgeon include but not limited to experience with the procedure, compliance with the industry standards, comfortability with the chosen surgeon, appropriate consultation and proper analysis of practices.

LASIK Surgery

Success rates

It should be noted among patients that the best LASIK surgeons in the world should boast of procedures that range between 10000 and 50000 or more. These procedures are usually important as it enables the patient to determine the success rates and the credibility of the surgeon.

This can be achieved by doing research and also reading online to be able to get the right information and facts. If a doctor has a high success rate, then it proves that he/she has a high probability of achieving your desired results. A poor success rate gives you the opportunity to explore other options that you will be comfortable with.

Compliance with the industry

Compliance with the industry standards is another vital qualification that LASIK surgeons need to possess. A good LASIK surgeon should be precise with the patient that not all patients are eligible for the procedure. It is therefore important for the surgeon to screen his patients before he advices his patients whether he should perform the procedure on them.

According to one of the standards in the United States, the average number of screening the surgeon performance should range between 15 and 25 percent of his patients. One of the standards also requires that surgeon check for other health factors that may hinder the performance of the procedure such as thin corneas.

Patient’s comfortability with the surgeon

Comfortability with your surgeon is another factor that patients should always strive to achieve. A good surgeon should make you comfortable and should be willing to communicate to you all the necessary facts concerning the procedure. He/she should answer all the patient's questions and should be willing to communicate all the risks and benefits associated with the process. The goal of this factor is to ensure that the decision to perform the procedure comes from the patient and not the surgeon.


Appropriate consultation before the procedure should be advocated for the patients. An appropriate procedure should not feel like a sales pitch but should be able to hand the patients with all the information with regards to the process. The main aim of a consultation is to ensure that the patient will be given the best services to achieve the best vision and not get the best deal.


Proper analysis of the practice should be carried out. These practices should not over-promise the patient. It should be transparent with patients with regards to its limitation. This practice may achieve the best vision for some patients while it may reach a better vision for another who may still require to wear glasses later on in life.

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