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A 7-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Glasses

Choosing new eyeglasses is fun but it can also be a bit difficult when you start comparing the different frame types, brands, and design trends. Indeed, the comparison can be overwhelming initially, but once you've become familiar with the basics and have found a style that works for you, you can walk into a shop and pick the perfect pair of glasses in a matter of minutes.

With that said, here's a quick 8-step guide to choosing the right glasses:

Choosing the Right Glasses

1. Determine Your Face Shape

Matching glasses frames to your face shape is the first technique you should try to implement when comparing frames, as it may help you find a good fit faster than if you were just randomly trying on pairs. There are seven kinds of face shapes that most people fall under: oval, oblong, triangle, rectangle, diamond, square, and heart-shaped. Each face shape will match with a different kind of frame, so it's good to research this further when learning how to choose eyeglasses.

2. Choose a Frame that Complements Your Face Shape

Now that you've taken the first step of determining your face shape, you can choose an ideal frame type. Here's a quick breakdown of suggestions for each face shape listed above:

  • Oval – Choose frames that are at least as wide as the widest section of your face. Walnut shaped frames are usually best.
  • Oblong– Look for frames that have more height than width, as it will make your face look shorter.
  • Round – Look for frames that have about the same amount of width as height. Narrow and angular frames are also good.
  • Square– Opt for narrow frames that have more width than height.
  • Heart-Shaped– Look for thin or rimless frames that have light colors.
  • Triangle– Try heavily colored frames that add more visual content to the lower half of your face.
  • Diamond –Opt for frames with distinctive brow lines to soften the appearance of your pronounced cheekbones.

You may also want to ask for input from a store employee or friend while you're trying on frames to see if they have any suggestions.

3. Match Frame Color with Complexion and Eye/Hair Color

If you're going for something with color, try matching to your skin, eye or hair color first. Taking this route can help you stumble upon your “look” faster than if you were to randomly grab pairs off the rack. This is a simple and straightforward tip, but it's also a timeless fashion technique that every glasses wearer should know.

4. Compare Brands and Frame Types Online

Once you've gotten an idea of what looks good on you at a local eyeglasses store, you can then take your search to the next level by looking for similar frames online. Any given glasses store that you find locally will only have a limited selection of the kind of frames that work for you, so expanding your search online is recommended if your goal is to find the best possible fit and look. Although comfort is a factor, most online providers make it easy to return and exchange pairs if you're not satisfied when they arrive. While that may take extra time, it may be worth the patience to get the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

5. Go Against the Grain

It might seem counter-intuitive, but when you go out trying on frames, be sure to also try the complete opposite of what is recommended in this and every other guide. That's right; go completely against all rules just to see what it looks like. Doing this is important because everyone has a unique face, so you can't only consider the recommendations of others.

6. Try on Everything

Ultimately, you want to try on the kinds of frames we've recommended here, as well as the opposite of those suggested, and everything in between. How long would it take to try on every pair of glasses at an eyeglasses store? Well, if you're only giving each pair a quick glance in the mirror, it can usually be done in less than half an hour.

7. Read Additional Frame Selection Guides

Continue your research into frame selection beyond the scope of this guide and you may find additional tips that help you find that perfect look. If you're going to be wearing glasses on a regular basis, it helps to be knowledgeable about frame fashion.

Put Some Effort into Your Selection

In closing, taking all of the steps above might seem like overkill, but none of the suggestions entails anything difficult and it can all be done within an hour or two. After all, you're going to have these frames sitting on your face most of the time and they'll essentially become part of your look, so why not make sure you're getting it right the first time?

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