Coffee versus Tea

Health Benefits of Coffee Versus Tea – An Infographic

The long-drawn battle between Coffee and Tea never ends to claim the kingship of hot beverages! Yes, the battle is heated. And, interestingly with support from various health groups and researchers, there is a stalemate.

The health benefits of Coffee and Tea are not similar, however they have their own unique benefits.

Here we have below a very effective infographic which highlights the health benefits of tea versus coffee.

At first sight, there appears to be a lot going on. The graphics are calling out to you and it’s hard to miss the concentration of info which the designer wants us to absorb. It’s a longitudinal type of infographic with the information and charts laid out somewhat like a ticket.

The graph is created presumably with the intention of being progressive and in general it seems to work. The colours are kept reasonably basic with green, brown and reds. We can observe the relevant statistics pertaining to the two beverages with relative ease and there has been good use made of both graphs and pie charts.

As a result, we can cross reference the data and subsequently reach a conclusion based on the initial proposals of the argument. It’s a very user friendly analysis applicable to all ages.

I hope that this infographic gives you a healthy perspective of the two beverages and you be the judge. Choose who is the king of the hot beverages – TEA or COFFEE?

Let me know in the comments!

Click the Infographic to see the Big Picture!

Coffee Versus Tea

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