Food Allergies

You and Multiple Food Allergies: How to Overcome

Understanding what an Allergy is?

The first step in overcoming food allergies centers on identifying the responsible food allergen. You need to identify the foods to which you are sensitive so that you can free yourself from common allergens. This may take some time and a possible trip to the doctor’s office. In the meantime, try to maintain a food journal to note your body’s reactions to the food products that you eat.

An allergy is caused when your body is repeatedly exposed to items which lead to symptoms or an allergic response. Roughly, food intolerances can be divided into four categories: fructose, dairy, yeast sensitivity and gluten intolerance. Some of the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction may include bed wetting, ear fluid, canker sores or bowel problems.

Identify the Food Allergens

In order to determine the way your body reacts to the different types of foods to avoid, reintroduce one food item a day. Note down any sort of reactions or symptoms in your food journal that you feel when the food is introduced in your diet.

One important thing that you should always keep in mind is that if any symptom arises as a result of introducing one of the avoided foods, then wait for sometime before introducing the next set of food into your diet. Make sure the symptoms caused by the previous food product are completely gone otherwise you’ll end up identifying some other food product for your allergy. However, in case the symptoms become chronic or severe, then immediately consult your doctor.

Take Anti-Inflammatory Foods or Food Supplements

It has been observed that food sensitivity or food allergy often leads to inflammation. The most common signs of inflammation due to food sensitivity are pain, edema or even arthritic symptoms after ingesting a particular food or food group. In that case, taking anti-inflammatory foods or food supplements can be of great help. Aloe vera, cabbage, bromelain (extracted from pineapples) and turmeric are very effective in counteracting inflammation and also helps your body in digesting these foods.

Do the Investigation

Next, you have to start maintaining distance from the problem food, the best way to do so by stopping their entry into your house. None of these problem foods are going to end up in your diet if you don’t have them in your kitchen.

You can even accidently buy or eat any of the problem food, so read the labels carefully when you are shopping. For instance, those who have an allergy from gluten should stay away from processed food because gluten seems to be hidden in most of them. If you have allergy from lactose, then also you should avoid processed food because milk which contains lactose is one of the common ingredients in most of these food items. If the label says that the product is processed on the same equipment as the nuts are, then it’s better to avoid that product in case you are intolerant to nuts.

Sometimes, the culprit may not appear on the label, for instance, gluten may not be shown to be present in a cereal which includes malt. However, the cereal may include malt which is derived from barley and gluten is present in barley. So we will suggest you to do some investigation online to find out the hidden culprits.

Avoid Substances known to Negatively affect Digestion

If you are having a food allergy, then it’s better for you to stay away from substances which are known to negatively affect the digestion, otherwise, it will worsen the symptoms. Some of these substances are drugs, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals, colorants, sugar, food additives, stimulants and even artificial sweetener. Your digestive system will work properly if these substances are not introduced in your diet.

Resolving Allergy related to Fats

If you are having problems in digesting fat, then we will suggest you to take the digestive enzyme supplement, lipase. For instance, if you face problems in digesting eggs but at the same time you have no problem with proteins, then it means that you have an allergy from fat. You can resolve the problem and help your digestive system in processing fats by taking lipase.

Resolving Allergy related to Proteins

If you are having problems in digesting proteins, then taking digestive enzyme supplement trypsin or pepsin can resolve the problem. Allergy from proteins is identified when you start having trouble in digesting chicken or beef, or any type of protein-rich food. This problem can be corrected by adding one of the above mentioned digestive enzyme supplements in your diet.

However, some people have trouble in digesting both protein and fat, in that case supplementing your diet with herbal bitters such as L-carnitine or Swedish Bitters can help you out.

Resolving Allergy related to Carbohydrates

Allergy from carbohydrates can be corrected by taking digestive enzyme supplements containing amylase. Some people tend to suffer from gas and bloating because of carbohydrates. This indicates food sensitivity to carbohydrates.

Add Herbal Tea to your Diet

Herbal teas such as ginger, licorice and mint are very effective in overcoming food allergies. Try to drink a cup of herbal tea after each meal; this helps you in improving your digestive system.

The Final Word

Overcoming a food allergy is certainly not an easy task; you need to administer a lot of care while deciding your diet. Avoiding certain food items can deprive your body of essential nutrient which can lead to further problems. However, you can try to reintroduce the food in your diet sometime later. Eat a small amount once a day and if you don’t face any problems then eat a small amount of it a week later. If you no longer have problems, then you can gradually add more over time. However, if the food causes a flare-up of any of the symptoms, then it’s better to eliminate that food from your diet.

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  • Outstanding information Alia – Thanks so Much
    My neice seems to be alergic to so many things and I will be passing along this post to her mom for sure. She’s only three but seems to react to things all over the board and we hope she will grow out of many of them fingers crossed. So much info online it’s easy to get overloaded, you made it very clear and easy to understand some of the things we should be doing.

    • Glad that it was helpful to you. I hope your neice does well with her allergies.

  • Excellent article. I think one of the biggest problems is identifying certain allergies. There are some allergies that are so strong, they can be identified immediately. The ones with less of an impact can go undetected and be harmful in the long run.


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