Road to Recovery

Travelling the Road to Recovery through Rehabilitation and Treatment

Many drug dependents are not happy with their circumstances. They want to quit but the chains of addiction are too strong for them to break on their own. In order to break free from addiction, drug dependents need help and support from the family and society including treatment provided through rehabilitation programs. Change is possible with the right kind of rehabilitation program specifically focused on the particular kind of addiction.

Travelling the Road to Recovery

  • The toughest step for the drug dependent is the acceptance of his addiction and the will to make a change. No amount of help and support will succeed if the drug dependent himself refuses to commit himself to treatment.
  • The road to recovery is not simple. It can take a long period of time with challenges that have to be overcome. Medications, counseling and behavioral therapy are important components of an effective rehabilitation program which must be continually assessed and modified to ensure that it meets specific needs.
  • The first stage of the recovery program is detoxification, which is usually medically assisted. This requires more than just ordinary willpower since the craving for drugs can be hard to resist. Methadone is typically used to ease the withdrawal symptoms and minimize the cravings for opioid drugs. Like Methadone, Subutex can also be used to gradually wean the dependent from his drug cravings and eliminate the dependence on drugs.
  • Cutting off the supply of drugs can result into severe agitation, pain and negative moods. Withdrawal symptoms can last from a few hours to several days of hell. However, all these difficulties will subside with a great deal of motivation, determination and commitment to sobriety.
  • There is no magic treatment for drug and alcohol addiction; however, consider those that are important in your life, your children, your health, your spouse and your career. How has addiction affected all those you love and treasure?

Exploring Different Drug Treatment Programs

  • There is no single treatment program that works for all drug dependents. An individual who seeks the support of the rehabilitation center to get rid of addiction is assessed based on his multiple needs. It must focus on the patient’s attitudes, perceptions and behavior which have been influenced by the prolonged use of drugs.
  • Drug addiction affects different aspects of an individual’s life and treatment must focus on the underlying reasons for the drug dependence. There are many reasons why people turn to drugs from the inability to cope with stress, depression, rebellion against society and family or simply to call for attention. In which case, treatment must be customized to focus solely on the specific reason.
  • Treatments can be long and difficult and usually depends on how intense the drug use has been. Rehabilitation centers have qualified and trained medical practitioners and therapists who will combine both medication and behavioral therapy for treatment. Not only will withdrawal symptoms be eased, but relapse will be avoided so that the drug dependent can sustain a long term drug-free life.

The success behind drug rehabilitation and treatment programs is the family-based and community-based support system. It is crucial for the individual to be motivated during the transition from a drug dependent into a responsible member of the community.

About the Author: Dominic is the in-house blogger for the new Rehab Today Blog. Rehab Today is the home of The Perry Clayman Project which is a 12 step abstinence based drug and alcohol rehab program registered with the CQC and a listed contributor to the NDTMS in the UK.

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