Golf Injuries

The Master’s Guide to Golf Injuries & Prevention

There are many different injuries that can happen when playing golf, whether you play professionally or just for fun with friends. Even though golf is considered a low impact sport, all the bending and twisting can cause serious problems that may require you to take time away from the green for a couple of weeks or months depending on the severity of the injury. However some, if not most of these injuries can be easily avoidable with practice and the proper preventative measures. 40% of amateur golfers suffer from these injuries while 60% of professional golfers end up injured each season due to improper use of preventative measures and tactics.

Possible Injuries

Due to the explosive and strong movements of the golf swing, the number of injuries that you can get in your lower back, wrists, and elbows is phenomenal. Other injuries that can happen include injuries to the pelvis, hips, shoulders, and knees as well that can take you out of the game and on bed rest. Many of these injuries will end in a doctor prescribing not only rest and time away from the sport, but some prescription painkillers as well to assist with pain management.

Some methods for prevention of these injuries include taking proper care of yourself because if you don’t possess the proper physique for this sport you can do quite a bit of damage to your body. You should also perfect your swing in slow motion to ensure that you aren’t over turning or straining any muscles to get the ball where you want it to go. This can also help you get yourself properly conditioned for your games as you will be less likely to over twist or get hurt in any way.

Other Long Term Injuries

There are also many long term injuries that you can suffer from playing golf without taking the proper preventative measures such as muscle strains, osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, facet dysfunction in the lower back, and many other injuries that will create long lasting effects. These injuries will not only leave lifelong effects but can cause you to live with severe pain. This in the end can keep you from the green indefinitely rather than just for a short amount of time for recovery. It has also been proven that these particular injuries are more likely to occur in senior citizens although younger players can have these injuries as well.

Golf Injury

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Proper Prevention and the Perfect Swing

The big key to preventing some injuries is perfecting your golf swing which is a huge problem with many players as they get injured from improperly executing the movements necessary to avoiding injury. To properly execute your perfect golf swing, practice these movements in slow motion to allow your body to properly adjust, and always stretch before a game to avoid pulling any muscles. The classic golf swing is always the best option, as it will prevent many injuries. Lift your front heel as you twist your hips and swing the club back. Once you have reached the perfect draw back position, drop your heel as you swing for the ball and twist your hips, rocking your weight between your heels from back to your front, and then simply follow through. Here is the best way to avoid injury while making your swing.

Stretching to Prevent Golfing Injuries

One of the best preventative measures that any golfer can take is the warm up, this can properly be done by stretching to improve flexibility and allowing your muscles time to reduce any possible tension. Once you have stretched properly, then practice your swing to allow for proper conditioning of your muscles. This can promote not only lower back and abdominal strength but also allow your swing to become muscle memory. Proper preparation before any game is key to decreasing your likelihood of injury, keeping you playing when you want and allowing you to enjoy more time on the green with your friends. Everyone loves to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors, doing what they love, so take an extra 10 to 20 minutes before golfing to ensure you are truly ready for whatever this amazing sport can throw your way.

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