Exercises That Will Help You Tone Up By the Summer

Getting into shape will take work for everyone. Along with exercise, you will also need to plan out a good diet. If it is getting close to the summer and you need to get bikini read, consider some exercises that you can do in order to tone up within a short amount of time. Follow these tips to work on each area of your body and get ready to look hot on the beach.

Exercises Galore


If you want to drop the weight and tone up your lower body, the best exercise to get started with is jogging. Cardio will help to increase your stamina so that you can work out longer as you get more fit. Start out with at least on hour of cardio at a time. If you cannot jog for the full hour, go at a pace that works for you, until you can move up.


If you are been eying a Brazilian butt lift, you should start with squats. Squats will build up your bum along with making your legs and hamstrings stronger. Squats can be done without any particular exercise equipment. Simply stand in a room or up against a wall, spread your feet to shoulder width and swat directly down to the ground, at a slow and steady pace. Performing squats daily will build up your lower body quickly.


Whether you want washboard abs or just a flat stomach, crunches will help you to get there. To perform crunches, lay on the ground, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your upper body off of the ground with the strength of your abdominal muscles, then release back onto the ground. Ab muscles can be built up quickly with the right diet and regular crunches.

Dumbbell weight exercises

Lifting with dumbbells will take your arm exercises to a new level. A set of dumbbells to perform arm curls will build up the biceps and help to drop weight in the arms overall. Dumbbells are simple to use and allow you to perform arm repetitions in several sets. Dumbbells can also be used during other exercises, such as squats, leg raises, and crunches in order to get a double workout and provide more resistance for the body.


There is nothing better for the summer than a great upper body. A chiseled and tone look will draw eyes of envy at the beach. Push-ups will help to accomplish this look. Performing as many push-ups as possible in a set to build upper body strength. If you need help starting up push-ups, you can do them on you knees until you are capable of supporting your body in the standing push-up position.

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