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Medical Weight Loss in Thailand

Obesity is a growing world-wide problem, with about a third of the world’s population being obese. Achieving weight loss is a tough proposition for most people – maybe, including you! Not only can the whole effort of losing weight be cumbersome, in many cases, it can cause grievous illnesses like anxiety and depression. You might have tried various methods to get your body in shape with little or no benefit at all.

Stop looking any further and read on to discover a safe, effective and fun way of losing weight this summer.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to transform your weight loss program into a holiday? Thailand is known for its many wonders, particularly for its scenic beauty and its holiday ambience. Combine that with your weight loss program and you have a winner. You can now easily combine your weight loss program with your vacation without feeling worked up or ruining your holiday season.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

Most weight loss programs and health retreats are devoid of any scientific basis or proven health benefits. They have only some of the ingredients of a comprehensive weight loss program, lacking some key ingredients and making them ineffective. One of the key ingredients to weight loss programs is medical supervision. This provides weight loss programs the edge when it comes to safety and efficacy.

PhuketFit provides you with a medically supervised weight loss retreat in Thailand that is scientific, fun, easy to implement, safe and effective. You can very well consider your safety with this program which is customised to your weight loss needs and is medically supervised.

Top 5 benefits of the PhuketFit Weight Loss Retreat

Following key ingredients of the weight loss retreat at PhuketFit are also its top 5 benefits:

  1. Personalised Weight Loss Program: The weight loss program at PhuketFit is personalised to your body’s needs. Every diet, detox and exercise schedule is tailored to your body’s needs.
  2. Comprehensive Detox Program: The initial five days of the program is dedicated to the removal of toxins from your body. Your body is systematically cleansed of various harmful toxins as undigested food and mucous are purged out from your body. This is scientifically done using raw food cleansing which is safer and more effective than full fasting or juice fasting.
  3. Effective Weight Loss Training: Your weight loss training is personalised and tailored to your needs by a dedicated personal trainer or coach. The training program involves the use of various methods such as HIIT, circuit training, boot camp, yoga, TRX training, CrossFit-style, Muay Thai, physical education, Kettlercise and much, much more depending on your health needs. All these weight loss training methods are scientifically supported and supervised by trained personnel.
  4. Healthy Weight Loss Diet: The best way to lose weight is while eating healthy food and not through fasting or eating bland food. Weight loss diets relying heavily on starvation techniques, food fads and crash diets are dangerous and do not help you in attaining any long-term weight loss goals. They usually give you a false sense of satisfaction, making you lazy and more obese in the long run. Nutrition experts provide you with tasty and customised diet plans that will provide your body with needed calories while assisting your weight loss. These dietary suggestions can be adopted in your daily diet to achieve long-term weight loss.
  5. Fulfilment of Relaxation and Rejuvenation Needs: This is the icing on the cake. Integrating your holiday needs to relax and rejuvenate your body to the mix is a great way to lose weight while you enjoy the beautiful beaches and explore exciting new places.



Final Words on Medical Weight Loss in Thailand

While there are hundreds of medical weight loss in Thailand, PhuketFit provides a reliable and effective program that meet the two essential criteria of an effective weight loss program, firstly, an evidence-based treatment plan which is backed by solid research and secondly, they are supervised by qualified medical professionals who know their jobs.

Get fit and healthy while you enjoy your holidays at the PhuketFit weight loss retreat in Thailand!

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