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How to Find the Perfect Inversion Table for Your Back Pain

When it comes to finding the perfect inversion table for your needs, you will want to do a little comparison shopping. This site reviews a bunch of inversion tables, which will help you determine which to buy. In addition to the reviews, here are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Safety Features

When you are shopping for inversion tables, you will want to make sure you feel secure. It is important that your feet do not move while you are inverted, so look at the safety features the tables have prior to purchasing. If you have any doubts with the product, do not use it. You want to make sure the table you purchase will lock your ankles into place and can handle your weight. If you are not comfortable while inverted, consider wearing heavy socks or shoes, or adding padding to the table.

Comfort is Paramount

If you are not comfortable on the table, it is going to do you no good. In addition to the ankle straps being comfortable, you want to make sure you feel at peace while you are inverted. Some tables have backboards that are padded while others do not. The padding on the backboard is a personal preference, although padding may make doing core exercises more difficult.

Have Ample Space

Prior to purchasing a table, find out how much space you have in your home. There are some models that collapse for storage, allowing people with less space the ability to still own an inversion table. Take measurements of the room the table will be in, and then talk to a supplier about the best options.

Read the Reviews

Read the reviews and warnings on every product prior to purchasing. You want to make sure that you buy a table that has positive reviews, but it is also important to make sure you are healthy enough to be on the table. Talk to your physician about your desire to do inversion workouts and let them help you find which tables would be the best to use.

Inversion Table

There are new inversion tables that come out on the market as the technology continues to improve. Once you know how to shop for the tables, you will want to make sure you have an idea of your desired budget and features that you need on the table. Some of the features include the angle settings, motorized, and vibration pads available.

Remember that the inversion table will hold you upside down and work to pull the toxins from your body, increase blood flow, and strengthen your core, so it is important that you find a table that you feel good using several times a week for a regular workout.

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