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Family Medical Awareness: 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Aware of Your Medical History

We all know it’s highly important to adopt healthy habits and get medical treatment on time in case of any medical condition. There are still many of us that don’t realize just how essential our family’s medical history might be. Being aware of your genetic history not only helps you understand certain diagnoses but also staves off many issues altogether.

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Not sure how that works? Having family medical awareness is essential for the following reasons:

  1. Pregnancy And Conception

Fertility issues, both male and female, are unfortunately on the rise. Whether you think it’s time to start a family or suspect some hormonal issues that could potentially threaten fertility, your medical history should be under consideration.

For instance, PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the top most common cause of infertility today. Among its other causal factors, it’s also known to be a genetic disease. Hence, if a mother has PCOS, she should be aware that her daughters are also at risk. Taking early precautionary and curative measures could help a female control PCOS as soon as possible.

The same goes for male infertility; the quicker the treatment begins, the better it is.

  1. Preparing For Children

Once you’re expecting a baby or have a newborn, it’s good to be aware of the disorders that could potentially affect your child. There may be some genetic disorders that don’t rear their head until the baby is a bit older.

As an example, siblings of kids with Down’s Syndrome should know that their children are at a higher risk of the same issue. When proper steps are taken beforehand, such considerations could be more controlled and lead to a higher chance of the child having a relatively normal life.

Since detailed observation and scans have to be done when the baby is still young or even unborn, awareness of family medical history could be a great blessing in such circumstances. Genetics also play a small role in cleft palates.

  1. The Aging Factor

As we age, our health naturally declines. This is hence also the time when we need to get serious about frequent screenings and certain tests to rule out any family diseases or disorders. You should also ask around and ascertain what the red flags are.

If your abdominal muscles weaken with the passage of time and lead to loose tummy, this may indicate something that runs in your family. If you’re aware of your family medical history, you can easily discuss the matter with Dr Garcia Plastic Surgery Clinic and find out if tummy tuck should be the preferred treatment option. A quicker diagnosis may lead to better control of the situation.

Knowledge about the health problems you’re at risk for would also help you to go to the right place. For instance, those aches in your bones might require a bone specialist or one of the excellent physical therapists Jersey City has to offer. The sooner you know where to go, the sooner you can get the needed treatment.

  1. Prevention

When you enter your teenage or young adult years, you should be aware of what issues your family faces as a whole. If your parents and grandparents had diabetes, for example, you should find out how to reverse diabetes and be extra careful about your sugar intake and weight.

The same goes for heart problems and certain forms of cancer. If the women in your family have a history of breast cancer, it’s imperative that you schedule regular checkups and mammograms. This way, you could catch up with your health pretty early and have a much higher chance of beating the odds!

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