Ways to Take CBD Rich Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil Primer: Best Ways to Take CBD Rich Hemp Oil

Within the past few years, a growing number of people around the world have been turning to cannabidiol for relief from a number of ailments for which they prefer not to take prescription pharmaceuticals. The usual reason is addiction, as many of the drugs currently prescribed for such things as pain and anxiety are habit forming, at best. If you are new to hemp oil and aren’t exactly sure how to take this CBD rich natural hemp isolate, here are the four main ways of getting that powerfully safe medication into your system.

Best Ways to Take CBD Rich Hemp Oil

Topical Applications

Formerly, it was thought that the easiest way to introduce CBD oil to newbies was to get them to ingest a few drops in drinks or on foods. However, many people prefer topical applications which could be placing a drop or two on the inside of the wrist. While it is well-known that most of the beneficial properties of cannabidiols won’t penetrate much past the upper layers of the dermis (skin), a small amount does make it through and often that is enough for those who have never tried hemp oil.

If you choose to add it to lotions or salves, you can find wholesale hemp oil at a price low enough so that you can add sufficient amounts for the entire tube or jar. As a first-time CBD user, topical application may help to assuage your fear of the unknown. Don’t worry – you won’t get high! CBD isolates are free from THC, the psychoactive component of hemp.


Anyone who is, or has ever been, a smoker would probably benefit most from vaping CBD oil. By delivering it to the body in this way, the cannabidiol bypasses the liver because it is immediately diffused in the lungs. From there, it enters the blood vessels taking it directly to parts of the body in need of relief. For those in excruciating pain or in the midst of a panic attack, vaping is the fastest method of delivery for almost instant relief.

Sublingual Drops

For those who suffer from chronic conditions, sublingual delivery may be best. Here, you place a drop or two under the tongue (sublingual) and much of the medicine is immediately taken through small capillaries to the bloodstream offering almost instant relief much like when vaping. However, the added benefit is that when you swallow, your saliva takes the remainder into your stomach where it will be slowly digested to offer ongoing relief over a longer period of time.


Many people would rather add a drop or two to their coffee or tea while others like to add hemp oil to foods they eat. This is a great way to deliver long-lasting effects because the medication is released slowly during digestion. However, if you need instant relief from pain or anxiety, you’d be better with vaping or a sublingual delivery method.

So, there you have the four main ways to get this amazingly safe and effective alternative medication into your body for the relief you have been seeking. Don’t worry, cannabidiol is not habit forming and so it is a safer alternative to many pharmaceuticals. Which delivery method do you think you’d like to try? (Our advice? Try them all!)

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