Health Issues Long Distance Relationships

Health Issues faced by Couples in Long Distance Relationships

When people talk about the challenges of long distance relationship, they focus more on the physical longing that comes with being in love with someone living in a distant land. But have you ever thought about the effects that long distance relationships have on your health? According to research studies conducted by psychologists across America, people in long distance relationships are likely to develop stress related symptoms compared to their counterparts who are closer to the their partners.

Worrying whether your partner will remain faithful, the lonely nights that you sit wishing that they were with you and the long wait can sometimes be overwhelming for both the body and the mind.

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Kimberly Peterson who has been in a long distance relationship for two years claims that it has taken a huge toll on her health.

“I find myself obsessing over whether my lover feels the same way about me as he did when he left the country. Even though he calls me to assure me that he will come back, I still get stressed.”

She admits that she has taken solace in drinking alcohol to help her cope with the absence and longing.

Stress is not the only health complication associated with being in a long distance relationship. Sometimes, the physical distance brings with it a huge time difference that can end up eating on your sleep time. It takes a lot of sacrifice and patience to be able to balance everything and ensure that the flow of communication for the relationship to work. Sadly, sometimes, sleep is one of the things that you may have to sacrifice. This often leads to irritability, fatigue, and even other serious health conditions such as high blood pressure.

If you depend on the computer to communicate, then you may also develop a problem with your eyesight due to staring too much into your computer screen. All those hours spent chatting, skyping, or checking on each other on Facebook might cause your eyes to degenerate.

This does not mean that long distance relationships cannot succeed. The health complications will only catch up with you if you do not practice caution and balance in the relationship. The first step to avoid these health problems is to have a well thought plan with your plan on what you expect from you partner.

Remember that open communication is very important in any relationship, especially if it is long distance. Instead of worrying and stressing yourself over what your partner is doing in your absence, talk about your fears so that you can address them together. Always focus on the positives. Let the relationship not take control of your entire life. Create time for yourself, and make sure that you are not straining your body too much just to please your partner.

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