Changing the Smoking Experience

Modern Products Changing the Smoking Experience of Smokers in the UK

Smoking is no more an old affair you remember from the movie Fight Club in which Brad Pitt was seen taking shots of cigarette. Or in Django Unchained where Jamie Foxx’s smoking style unapologetically made smoking look charming. Now, new and advanced smoking products are entering the market to dominate our smoking scene. Trust me, if these products have been introduced any sooner, Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx would have also opted these products than a burning cigarette. These products are that amazing!


Here are given some products that are all out changing the smoking game of UK’s smokers:


The vaporizer is the new love of smokers, which has become a buzz word among them. And every day more and more smokers are getting their hands on this advanced smoking product.

Vaporizers, also called as vapes, are devices used to inhale vaporized substances like tobacco, cannabis and other herbal mixes. Vaporizers come in different types and forms, including pen, portable and desktop vapes. These vaporizers differ in their shape, convenience and usage style. But one thing is similar in all of them: they don’t combust the substance due to which toxic smoke isn’t produced. It only produces fumes which immediately enters the bloodstream rather entering the lungs. So, it also reduces the probability of smoke-related lung diseases.

Bongs and Pipes:

Bongs and water pipes – these colorful or transparent glass objects are not some decoration items. They are some other game-changers in the smoking scene, which are not easily portable like vaporizers but are the best to take in a large quantity of smoke and experiencing high hit.

Bongs are older than vaporizers in the smoke culture, but they still have a cherished place in the heart of the smokers. Some people just love the sound of bong’s hit – it is so satisfying and melodious for them. Well, in short, they are the buddy for those looking to get more ‘high’.

Though it doesn’t produce fumes, it comes up with percolators, which is one of the best things that could have happened to the bongs. These percolators enable additional filtration and cooling down of a large surface area of smoke. Bongs come in different designs and forms, with a wide variety of percolators to choose from.

Rolling Papers:

You might know well about cigars, but rolling papers are almost new in this scene – taking over the cigars’ mania. They are becoming a significant part of every smoker’s kit due to different rolling styles and flavors. Smokers can choose these styles and flavors as per their preference. There are transparent papers, king size, extra thick and even invisible ones which are used for smoking.

They are the best relief for those who are fed-up of hitting on the same flavor and want to try something new and exciting. There are all-natural ingredient papers and papers with unique flavors like fruits and others. Rolling papers have, without any doubt, brought in more feasibility and flavors in the smoking scene.

All these smoking products and many more have opened up a new world for smokers, which is state-of-the-art, better and thriving. In this world, there are vaporizers for a safe experience, bongs for a high hit and rolling papers for a flavored deal. And it is just amazing!

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