10 Natural Pain Relievers

10 Natural Pain Relievers

Pain relievers are amongst the most bought medication supplies in the country, due to the high amounts of mental and physical pain that people go through daily. This can be due to an accident, or due to the multitude of everyday pains and aches that people encounter as they go through life. In any case, people are always quick to rely on over the counter medications as a way of banishing pain from their life. Though this is sometimes necessary, there are many other ways you can stop certain pains without reaching for the nearest Aspirin. In fact, as with most things, the remedy can lie in nature.

Natural Pain Relief


Most people will experience the common cold during their life, and as a result, you will know that the pain of a heavy head and stuffy nose is not one anybody wants to stick around. This is where Cloves can truly help expel any of this pain, as it can help ease headaches, and clear a blocked nose from the spicy scent it emits. You can find cloves in natural form, in capsules, or in Clove Oil, where you can also use it to rub on any joints that are swollen and painful from arthritis. In some case, ingesting Cloves can help stop bouts of nausea, meaning your stomach won’t be riddled with cramps alongside sickness.


Ginger has had roots in ancient Chinese medicine as a way of stopping inflammation from becoming unbearable for the sufferer, and its benefits are still being seen today. Luckily, there are even more pain relieving properties it holds, and many people use ginger tea to help stop menstrual cramps and headaches when they come at that time of the month. The best way to feel its effects is to consume it every day, in small amounts, where you can see its great effects on arthritic pain over time. Little but often implemented within your diet may see a change for the better.


Like many naturally occurring foods, Turmeric has a number of nutrients in it that are beneficial to everyday health. Moreover, one of the main antioxidants it has in it is Curcumin, which has been praised over the years for its pain relieving properties. It is usually used to treat arthritis pain, but it also has anti-fungal, and anti-viral agents in it which can help prevent pain before it begins. Any health problems that involve the swelling of certain parts of the body can benefit from taking this, which means you can use it to help you with anything from headaches to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Valerian Root

Mental pain for many is just as painful, if not more so than physical pain. It is also often harder to treat without relying on therapy and traditional medication, but Valerian Root, which is known as a natural tranquillizer, has been utilized here to some degree. In fact, many people use it to help with insomnia and to help with nervous system pain, as it acts as a mild sedative.


You may not recognize the name of such a pain reliever, but it is something that is found in chilli peppers around the world. It is the same agent that makes you feel hot when you ingest chilli, which uses heat as a way of stopping the pain in sufferers. Heat and ice are both well-known pain relievers, but it can be difficult to sustain their effects for long. This is why Capsaicin cream and the gel is often used to help relieve pains from muscle sprains and injuries, as well as keeping pain levels low after surgery.


Cannabis has been used in the ancient past as a way of relieving pain through oils, but now the world is more aware of its benefits, it is starting to be used more to combat pain from illness, mental health issues, as well as joint inflammation. This is due to the high levels of THC that naturally occur in it, which you can read about on this blog. For years, it has been used by some to help people get through painful mental health issues. Some people are even starting to use it to combat skin problems.

Evening primrose oil

Many women around the world will know of the debilitating effects that menstrual cramps can cause. In fact, some women have them so badly that they need to take regular trips to the hospital, to save them from passing out from the pain. Where some people take Evening Primrose supplements to give them a healthy glow and prevent pain before it starts, others have taken to having it to stop the severity of cramps and breast pain instead of using regular painkillers.

White Willow Bark

White willow bark is known by many as being the aspirin of nature, thanks to its rapid pain-relieving properties. As it is relatively affordable, people can take it as often as a painkiller if they are hoping to follow more natural remedies. This painkiller has roots in Greek history, where people used to chew on the bark to stop whatever pain they were feeling; it has been prolific ever since. You can stop anywhere from muscle pain to headaches when you ingest it in tablet form.

Lavender oil

Lavender is universally lauded for its calming effects on those with anxiety problems, as it helps to induce a sense of tranquillity and aid a good night’s sleep. Yet, people also use it to rub on their temples whenever they have a headache, as it can act as a mild pain-reliever when used correctly.


You may recognize Boswellia under another name – Frankincense – which has always been studied for its medicinal properties. Its biggest help with pain relief is to those who suffer from inflamed joints, where they may often not find help through other remedies. The best way to take it is by having a small dosage each day, which your body will come to see the long-lasting effects of after a few weeks.

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