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Get Better Faster After a Serious Injury or Surgery

When your mobility is limited as a result of an injury or surgery, life can be rather challenging. To get back on your feet, it is necessary to follow due processes like visiting the doctor and taking proper medication. Though working with the doctor and medical specialists are often required for healing from injuries or surgery, most people are unaware of their body’s natural ability to heal itself. Combined with medical treatment and therapy, using simple yet important steps, you can support your body in repairing itself faster. Below are some steps on how to do it.

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Listen to the Doctor’s Orders

When under the care of a doctor, it is vitally important that you listen to their advice. They are experienced with your particular injuries and/or surgical procedures and understand what is required to recover. As they provide instructions on how to recover, be sure to follow them accurately. Neglecting the doctor’s orders can often slow your progress and could potentially worsen your health.

Be Careful with Medication

When recovering from an injury or surgery, it is common for doctors to prescribe medications to relieve uncomfortable symptoms. When using prescription grade medication, it is imperative to follow the instructions. Dosage and usage limits are assigned for a reason and could have adverse effects on your health if you don’t use them properly. This is especially true for medications like opioids and painkillers. It is not uncommon for opioid abuse in women and men to increase as a means of soothing the pain of surgery or injuries. If you’ve begun abusing your medications, this can impede your ability to heal and requires immediate attention.

Get Plenty of Rest

If there’s one thing your body needs a lot of during recovery it’s rest. Though it can be tempting to want to continue your normal routine, it is best that you relax. As you sleep, your body is hard at work replenishing and repairing itself. Whether this means going to bed earlier, taking time off from work, or limiting your social life for a while, it is vital to your efforts to heal faster.

Reduce the Stress

Although you might be going through a lot right now as you recover from your injuries, stressing will only make matters worse and slow down the process. Try as best you can to remove any stress factors from your life. For instance, if you’re stressed about money, look into filing for long or short-term disability to cover the costs. The less you have to worry about, the more you can focus on your recovery.

Feed Your Body Right

What you eat has a significant impact on how fast you heal. Your body is working overtime to recover, and therefore, needs a boost of vitamins and nutrients to keep up. Your body needs lots of protein to rebuild damaged tissue. Eating a diet that is balanced with lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables gives the body the fuel it needs to heal.

Being injured or in pain after undergoing surgery is both physically and emotionally taxing. If getting back on your feet faster is your goal, there are steps you can take. Work with your doctors and medical specialists closely and follow their advice, but also remember to help your body heal faster, you should also do what you can to support it. By getting rest, taking medications responsibly, minimizing stress, and eating right, you’ll be back to normal before long.

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