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Health and Longevity

Top Habits for Health and Longevity

The habits that we form determine so much about our health. Having good habits can make us look younger longer, and they can keep us more mobile and suffer less illness. To maximize the benefits, however, you need to start now, and you need to be committed. Brushing your teeth every other day won’t protect your gums nor will it keep cavities at bay. You need to create daily routines and stick to them. They need to become second nature to do. Only by being committed to these habits will you benefit from better health and a longer life.

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Lose Weight This Winter

Five Point Strategy to Lose Weight and Get Fit This Winter

Winter is coming, which is usually the time when people loosen their belts and get ready for the influx of rich foods that come with Christmas. These same people will usually subscribe to a gym or make getting into shape their New Year’s resolution. Instead of holding off, start now. You shouldn’t wait to get into shape. Start this winter with this five-point strategy and you be healthier, happier, and look your best:

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