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Importance of Platelets

Sufficient Quantity of Thrombocytes is Essential for Healthy Life

Blood is the source of life in mammals and through its many important functions it provides nutrition to the body, protects it, prevents blood loss while also reaching oxygen to all parts of the body. Have you ever thought about the composition of blood or how its various components work? Of many properties, blood clotting is one of the most important properties ascribed to blood, one that is particularly important when your body sustains injury and prevents your body from losing blood through the wound. Clotting stops the bleeding and prevents exsanguination. A proper functioning of the clotting system is extremely important for your body to function effortlessly through the many decades of your life.

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Female Hair Loss

The Causes of Female Hair Loss

We all experience hair loss; some more than others. Every morning in the shower, we lose some hair down the drain. When we brush or blow dry our hair, it is possible to lose a few strands. However, women who deal with serious female hair loss must endure losing large clumps of hair at a time. It can be devastating for a woman to experience baldness or thinning hair. And while it may not seem to be as common as male hair loss, it happens more often than you may realise.

Here are a few of the most common causes for this condition so that you can bring it up to your doctor or dermatologist at your next visit.

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Ejuice Types

Gradually Gaining Experience on the Various Ejuice Types

Vaping is a rather amazing pastime! Much unlike smoking, here one does not light up a matchstick, or burn processed leaves for the high! Instead, you have specific devices called vaporizers containing a cartridge of a special liquid mix. By the flick of a switch, you charge up coils that either combust wicks soaked in the liquid or the juice directly. Vapor is produced by this action, which would taste and smell as the label on the eliquid says. A whole spectrum of amazing flavors is available in multiple categories.

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Balance Work and Family Life

What Parents do to Maintain Balance between Life and Work?

Does it become hard for you to find enough hours from your work to spend quality time with your family? As per the current situation and reports, most of the workers are struggling to spend time with their family and friends and also to reduce their level of stress. Workers are struggling to balance life and work. It is hard to maintain a fine balance between both but it is not impossible. Most working parents take out time from their busy schedule to take care of their children.

Here are few tips which can help you in maintaining the balance between life and work.

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Signing bonuses for Doctors

Are Signing Bonuses Really Worth It for Physicians?

Back then, signing bonuses were considered a little extra to attract physicians into working for employers. However, signing bonuses have become so commonplace that, as a physician, the question is no longer “does the employer offer a signing bonus” but “how big is this employer's signing bonus?”. You'd be hard-pressed to find employers that don't offer signing bonuses on top of other compensation for physicians these days.

With the average signing bonus set at $24,000, and the highest offers reaching well over $100,000, signing bonuses definitely work well as an incentive for joining… but is that all there is to it?

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