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Take Control of Your Destiny with Le-Vel Brands

As many people can attest, it is no fun being a corporate slave. Well, now there is a chance to be an entrepreneur without having to risk a lot of your own money. There has been a lot of online buzz about an exciting company, thanks to its innovative products and compensation plan for its retailers and affiliates. One only needs to read some of Le-Vel Brands reviews to notice that this brand is quickly growing to become a trusted global brand in weight and health management.

Get Your Feet Wet in Entrepreneurship Selling Le-Vel Brands’ Products

As mentioned above, many dream of owning their own business. However, initial start-up costs can be prohibitive. Moreover, one has to spend a lot of time and money to develop an exciting product that could sell well. Le-Vel Brands already has products that are packaged and ready to be sold. All you have to do is to join to become a retailer or affiliate, and you can have ready-made products that can help you hone your selling skills and earn you extra income. This is a job that can be done at home or during spare free time, so there is no need to quit the day job.

Meet Le-Vel Brands’ Popular Products

Le-Vel Brands has created four exciting products to help people manage their weight and maintain good health. The first one is called Thrive M (weight management pills for men), the second one is called Thrive W (weight management pills for women), the third one is Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix (whey protein powder for weight management, energy boost and antioxidant support), and the fourth and most innovative product is Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology), a skin patch that is worn on the skin for 24 hours to deliver natural ingredients useful for weight management and energy boost straight to the bloodstream.

Earn Income from Le-Vel Brands’ Product Sales

By joining and becoming either a Le-Vel Brands’ retailer or affiliate, members can enjoy a twenty percent commission on product sales made from personal buyers. Moreover, members also get a twelve percent commission on product sales made from customers in level one, and a four percent commission on product sales made from customers in levels two and three. The company also rewards its hardworking members with generous bonuses like electronic gadgets such as the iPad and leases on luxury vehicles. There are also annual vacation trips to exotic and exciting places like Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Italy and Mexico for Le-Vel Brands’ members.

Reap the Most Benefits from Both Selling and Using Le-Vel Brands’ Products

Besides earning commissions from product sales, members of Le-Vel Brands also enjoy massive discounts on Thrive Premium Lifestyle products, especially when they go for the auto-ship option, which guarantees regular monthly shipments of chosen Thrive Premium Lifestyle products. Indeed, with Le-Vel Brands, staying fit, healthy and financially independent do not have to be tedious and painful. Those goals could actually become a reality.

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