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How to use Weight Loss Shakes the Right Way

Do you want to lose weight, kick start your healthy lifestyle, and reach your goals? If yes, then you should look at weight loss shakes. According to studies, swapping your lunch or breakfast for a shake can really help you reach your goals.

While you may think that simply reducing your calorie intake is the best way to achieve your weight loss goals, this is not only ineffective but also harmful to your health. Instead of reducing your calorie intake, you need to reorganize your meal plan to focus on habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways of doing this is to eat five small meals a day. Eating five meals instead of three will help you prevent cravings, feel satisfied throughout the day and ensure that you have the energy you need. Here is how to use weight loss shakes the right way.

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Use them as Backup

On busy days when you don’t have enough time to eat lunch, shakes can be a convenient way to eat something healthy. According to Rob Sulaver, a certified sports nutritionist, you need to keep some shakes in your office fridge for days when you don’t have time for lunch. However, while doing this, it’s very important to ensure that the proteins in your shakes are higher than the number of carbs you are consuming. This not only keeps you full longer but also prevents your blood sugar from dropping. But, if your shakes have less protein, then feel free to supplement with a source of protein.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

While most people don’t feel hungry in the morning, skipping breakfast is one of the worst mistakes you can make when it comes to fat loss nutrition. One of the best times for a weight loss shake is at breakfast. Shakes are light, simple, and nutritious with a great supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to provide you with the energy that you need in the morning.

Supplement your Salad

According to nutritionists, proteins are essential for lunch. Drinking a shake that’s rich in protein is a good way to supplement your salad. However, you need to ensure that your shake is around 200 calories and your salad is between 200 to 300 calories. You may also use the same protein-rich shake to prevent an afternoon hunger attack. This will help keep your blood sugar stable, which is very important when it comes weight loss.

Consume Shakes before and after Workout

Consuming a shake before a workout will provide you with quality amino acids that are important for your recovery and weight loss goals. The good thing is that you can add some ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to meet your nutritional and energy needs throughout the day.

Consume Healthy Snacks between the Meals

If you have a busy work schedule, preparing something to eat can be a bit difficult. Thankfully, with weight loss shakes you can store a shaker bottle in your fridge and mix it up wherever you are busy. To ensure that it is low-calorie, stick to a weight loss or protein powder shake mixed with water instead of milk.


Once you know how to use weight loss shakes in the right way, you’ll be able to get the results you need. Weight loss shakes are a great way to start eating healthy, get all the proteins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber and vitamins you need, and start losing weight in a convenient way.

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