Eat Chef Food at Home Sunbasket

Eat Chef Food at Home with SunBasket

Sun Basket is a service aimed to provide full-fledged meals to customers, three times a day. One can be at home and order the meals. The recipes and ingredients are provided by them. This is a company which was started by top chef – Justine Kelly. It was first started in California, slowly catching pace through-out the world. Chef Kelly is responsible for preparing every single meal of your day. She cooks real nutritious food. It is a kind that comes from her experiences refined over decades of working as a best Bay area chef. Read the Sun Basket reviews here.

The Sun Basket Service promises to provide good, healthy meals to its customers. Though there are many brands in the market, Sun Basket sets apart from others because of its vital qualities. One such quality is Freshness. The company strives to make sure the quality of food, which is delivered, is as fresh as possible. If they do not have any company store near to your place, then they will not process your order, since the company believes in supplying fresh goods.  The other important quality is Healthiness. The food which is supplied is USDA certified, that is, it undergoes the strict norms of United States Department of Agriculture. They have certified goods such as organic and non-GMO produce. The company also aims to supply Paleo, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options in their recipes.

How to order from Sun Basket?

Chef Kelly crafts the meal baskets with delicious and simple ingredients. She is known as a champion of delicious and wholesome cooking, featuring the best and easily available goods.

You get the goods in a bag, in neatly wrapped packets. Initially you will have to select the meal plans and make the order. The meals options will always change, hence one do not have to worry about eating the same food every time. You literally will never run out of options. Once you place an order, you will be notified about the shipment and the details. Within span of few days, the order will be available at your doorstep. The delivery box may hold enough ingredients for six meals or three recipes. The meals are very well insulated with a bit more than an inch of foam. The meat is vacuum sealed in plastic and rests on the top of ice. Thus, we can understand that, the company goes far and beyond, when it comes to quality of care of their food. You may also read more here.

Within each bag, all the ingredients which are required for a perfect meal are neatly packed and placed. However, the basic kitchen goods which are required such as pans, salt and pepper etc., should be managed by customers themselves. You also get a recipe guide to prepare your food. The cook book guide is easy to follow. Thus, prepare and enjoy Chef food at your home, by ordering one such meal. So, what are you still waiting for? Get the coupon code now for free meals to get started.

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