The Republic of Singapore is an independent island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia. It is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia with a gross national income of USD54,530.00 per capita, as of 2017.

It is also one of the cleanest countries where chewing gums and smoking cigarettes are prohibited almost everywhere. With that in mind, Singapore can be one of the best places for pets, too!

Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog's Coat Healthy 

In 2017, there were around 62,000 pet dogs in the country, owned by 42,000 pet owners. About 7.5% of pets in Singapore are dogs.

If you own a dog, one of the things you need to maintain is their coats. After all, a shiny and healthy coat resembles a healthy and happy dog. Aside from playing and exercise, dogs need the right food and other supplements that you can buy from an online pet shop in Singapore to keep them healthy inside and out.

Below are the simple ways to keep your dog's coat healthy and well-groomed.

Regular bath

Bathing is vital to keep your dog's coat clean and to smell fresh. However, a regular bath does not mean that you need to bathe your dog every day. Twice a month should be enough, especially if they usually stay indoors.

Brush their coat

Regardless of your pet's fur type, you need to brush their coat every few days. Make sure that the brush suits your dog's breed for a good result. Moreover, if your dog sheds a lot, you must get it a de-shedding brush, ensuring that your pet's fur looks well-groomed all the time.

Give your pet quality food

If you want to keep your dog's fur healthy and strong, you have to give it nutritious food. Look closely at the ingredients when you are buying food. You may add a teaspoon of veggie oil to your pet's food to add some glow.

Only provide healthy treats

Same as the healthy meals, your dog should be provided with healthy treats, too. Raw carrots are one of their favourites. Carrots are nutritious and too good for their teeth.

Keep the parasites away

Ticks and fleas irritate your pet's skin, making them continually biting and scratching themselves. This damages your dog's fur and skin and may cause health issues as well. This is why you must protect them from these parasites. You may use sprays, shampoo, soap, or insect shield to keep the parasites away.

Include omega fatty acids to your pet's diet

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are good for your pet's coat. The Omega-3 boosts the dog's mood and alleviates arthritis pain, while the Omega-6 fights infections. Giving these nutrients fresh will ensure its effectiveness. Some dog foods that you can buy from an online pet shop in Singapore are made from fish, which are also good sources of these fatty acids. However, too many servings may upset your dog's stomach.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements, such as spirulina and horsetail, can soften the fur of your dog. Moreover, it also enhances the dog's skin health. You may consult your vet about the proper dosage for your pet.

Every pet owner wants to keep their dog happy and healthy. Keeping their fur shiny and healthy is the best start. Ensure that you are giving them high-quality food, which includes healthy treats and natural or herbal supplements. Moreover, bathing and brushing them regularly and protecting them from parasites will keep their coat strong, shiny, clean, and healthy.

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