Cannabis is one of the most popular drugs in the world right now. However, it is not usually for the right reasons. Most countries in the world consider this plant illegal and want it destroyed. It doesn’t stop people from growing them illegally. Some of them even use hydroponics to grow it right in their own home to lessen the chances of getting discovered. Even though it is risky for many places, people still grow them because there is quite a market for it. It is also considered to be so much safer to use than other mainstream drugs in the world. Read this article for more reasons why cannabis is still widely used.

The Wonders of Cannabis and CBD for Cats

History of Cannabis Use

It is almost forgotten knowledge that cannabis has been considered to be a medicine and an essential part of religious rituals in many places across the world. This is why scientists studied how it works and affects the body. It turns out that cannabis has different compounds that produce various effects on the body if ingested differently. All species of cannabis have these compounds although with varying concentrations, although there are still debates whether it’s just one species. One species is recognized, cannabis sativa, and has been the most popular one even till date because of how easy it is to grow this plant.

As mentioned before, one of these compounds is cannabidiol or CBD. You might have heard of this one in a lot of news and articles. It has been widely discussed in the scientific and medical community to see if it is a cure for a lot of illnesses ravaging this world. There are some who argue that this is the compound that makes cannabis addictive. However, most scientific studies available do point out that CBD is actually quite helpful in many psychological disorders. Anxiety and depression seem to be its main targets, although more people are now saying it is good for pain relief. Learn more about this here:

It didn’t take long before CBD was used for other means as well.

When cannabis was first legalized in Canada and some states in the US, pet use was also raised aside from the usual human complaints. During that time, there was already extensive research done about cannabis’ effects on human function. Yet, there are still a lot of questions about it. With pets like common house dogs, this has never been studied mainly because there was really no need for it. After all, research is all about looking for answers; why look for an answer if there was no question in the first place?

Cat in the Grass

Pet Cannabis – What You Need To Know

As more people started asking about pet cannabis, more scientists specifically veterinarians started to investigate the effects of cannabis on dogs. They found out that it may be able to reduce the pain that dogs feel. It also calms them and helps with any behavioral problems like hyperactivity. However, this is not the same CBD oil for humans as animals need a different concentration. Additionally, one of the main compounds in cannabis (THC) is actually poisonous for your pets. This is why you should find CBD products that are 100% THC free before giving them to your pets.

CBD for cats is still being researched since they have a different body and needs compared to dogs. However, many cat owners who tried cannabidiol oil extract in their cats have had a positive experience. It seems that it gives the same effects as it does in dogs. It calms them down and helps with anxiety as well. They also use it as a supplement, helping with their cats’ growth and development. It may also alleviate seizures in the same way as with humans.

Before giving CBD oil to your cat, it is important to check with a veterinarian first. Not all CBD oils are made in the same way. There are also few regulations about it these days, which makes it harder to check whether it’s really a legitimate product. Always buy from a reputable source and make sure that you are getting it legally. Don’t give your cats straight up cannabis, as this can have an adverse effect on your pet. Use only pure CBD oil as this is virtually harmless to your feline friend.

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