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The Key to Dramatic Weight Loss Is by Revving up Your Metabolism

It is common knowledge that a fast metabolism is one of the secrets to weight loss. But how do you supercharge it? HCG diet drops target your metabolism and is a quick and effective way to boost it. HCG is a hormone and is otherwise known as human chorionic gonadotropin. During pregnancy, the female body produces HCG for the embryo and foetus to develop. One of the applications of HCG is to treat fertility issues in women. However, it also produces dramatic effects in reducing feelings of hunger and supporting weight loss. HCG distributes body fats from areas of the body such as the size and hips.

Dramatic Weight Loss Is by Revving up Your Metabolism

The HCG has been road-tested for decades since the 1950s and is an extremely effective way of resetting the body’s metabolism. With an HCG diet, you can potentially lose up to a pound per day.

What the HCG diet involves

An HCG diet requires that you limit your food intake to 500 calories a day. HCG can be taken via shots and diet drops. This diet product is considered homeopathic. Many people who are on an HCG diet eat two meals per day, specifically lunch and dinner. During these meals, it is crucial to have a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, fruits, and a source of carbohydrates such as bread. Good protein sources will be a skinless chicken breast, sliced turkey, and whitefish. For vegetables, you can try asparagus, celery, and cucumbers. This diet allows you to drink unlimited amounts of tea and coffee, and you may use sugar substitutes. It is also recommended that you drink huge amounts of water.

Certain foods should be avoided during your HCG diet, such as butter, potatoes, starchy vegetables, nuts, oils, fatty fish, and dried fish.

HCG diet drops phases

The HCG diet will involve at least three phases:

  • During phase 1, you are allowed to eat as much as you like. It is crucial to store calories and fats. Take HCG supplements at this point. This phase will last for a couple of days.
  • In the second phase, expect the magic to happen and lose one and a half to 2 pounds or 1 kg of excess fats and inches. If your progress continues to a month or two, you can lose as much as 13 kg. Measure your weight weekly to see how much is lost to inspire you to keep going. Even if you don’t find the scales moving as much, you are still losing fat from all areas in your body. This phase will last for 3 to 6 weeks, and you should follow a food limit of 500 calories per day.
  • Phase 3 is the maintenance phase. At this point, you can discontinue the HCG supplements and gradually increase your food intake. You can start eating healthy foods that were restricted in the previous phases until you attain normal calorie intake levels. It is crucial to stabilise your diet with starch and good sources of protein for three weeks. Avoid oils and sugars.

Speed up your metabolism further

To get results faster, you can engage in an intense 10 to 30 physical activity each day. This targets your metabolism and revs up fat loss and tones your body.

In Conclusion

Transforming how your metabolism works is the key to faster weight loss and a healthier sexy body. Although the HCG diet limits you to 500 calories per day, rest assured that you won’t be feeling any hunger pangs. For any diet to work, it is crucial to stay focused on the goal. An HCG diet can be the trigger that will transform your self-image and lifestyle.

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