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Body Contouring – Is it a Good Idea to reshape your Body?

Aging, weight loss, and even genetics can make your skin sag or drop. It’s certainly unpleasant to have excess skin on your thighs, arms, belly and abdomen, and the only quick solution to this unsightly problem is cosmetic surgery. Sure, exercise and dieting can help, but in special circumstances these endeavors are not enough. Significant weight loss procedures such as bariatric surgery, call for reconstructive interventions to help the skin regain its elasticity.

Body contouring is a type of cosmetic procedure that helps men and women regain firmer, smoother contours, as well as a youthful appearance. Based on desired results, this type of surgery may also include additional interventions such as thigh lifts, tummy tucks, arm lifts or breast lifts, among numerous others. The desire for an improved body appearance may inspire you to think of body contouring. Studies have also shown that this type of surgery can have the greatest influence on the patient’s mind and body.

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Some of the best benefits of body contouring are:

  1. Improved quality of life

Research has shown that body contouring brings forth an improved quality of life. Patients who have undergone body contouring feel more confident in their own skin and this is visible to others. They are happier and more outgoing. Body contouring allows them to feel attractive and they are willing and eager to meet new people and try new experiences. Research shows that the more weight that has been lost due to surgery, the more the quality of life improves – provided the weight stays off! Research does suggest that body contouring leaves patients with a better sexual appetite and a willingness to live a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Feeling Motivated

Those who have gone through a process of severe weight loss followed by redefining body contouring appear to be highly motivated to keep the weight off. Weight loss surgery in isolation can leave excess skin. If this is not dealt with via body contouring, it will leave the patient feeling unhappy in their skin. This will lead to comfort eating and potential filling out just to remove the excessive skin. Either option ruins the effectiveness of weight loss surgery and does nothing for a patient’s quality of life.

  1. Experiencing Happiness

Researchers have compared people who have had body contouring done with those who are concerned about its drawbacks and decided not to. Those who went ahead with the surgery were found to be much happier than their counter-parts. This happiness extended across all spheres of life and was not just limited to the weight loss aspect of their lives.

  1. Elevated Self-Esteem

This is a difficult area to research even though there are research programs in place. Evidence so far suggests that those who have undergone body contouring have improved self image, self esteem and confidence. It is not surprising that research attributes these improvements to emotional wellbeing. Losing weight and having a slim body is often enough to make any person feel good about themselves.

  1. Enhanced Physical Comfort

Excessive skin after weight loss surgery is uncomfortable and very often annoying. It often needs to be tucked in and limits the choice of clothes available to the patient. It also needs regularly checking and cleaning to prevent infection, rashes or irritations within the folds of skin. The excessive skin and associated problems also serve to remind people of the size they used to be which is not something most people want to be reminded of. Body contouring removes the excess skin and also removes the mental stigma allowing people to live their lives again. On top of this, it takes away the discomfort of carrying this additional burden around.

  1. Better Looks

Body contouring is used to slim the figure and redefine any problem areas of the body. The procedure aims to make you feel more comfortable with yourself. It also aims to improve your general health by removing the risk of infection, among other things. However, its initial purpose was to improve the look of somebody and this is why many of the other effects happen. Body contouring makes you look better, younger, and fitter.

Final Words on Body Contouring

Losing excess weight is good for the body – it has less work to do and less strain on its organs! When body contouring follows this, it increases the health benefits even more. The heart needs to work less and there is less fatty tissue in the body – even the excess skin has some! Research has proven that less stress and strain on your body decreases the chances of contracting many different diseases and increases the chances of living into old age.

Body Contouring

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