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Ways to Improve Your Mountain Biking Endurance

Mountain biking has always been hugely popular, but never more so than in recent years with so many people focusing on health and green living. While some still hit the gym, others love the thrill of biking their way through nature, but is your endurance what it should be? Don’t forget, some of the trails will be long and arduous, so always be on top form. Here are a few ways to improve your mountain biking endurance from skilled bikers around the globe.

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To Supplement or Not to Supplement

If you are simply looking for a quick boost in energy, some athletes say a strong cup of coffee will do the job nicely. However, supplements do have other benefits which might come in handy if you are seeking endurance for a long mountain trail. For example, creatine in most pre-workout supplements helps to reduce muscle fatigue while the other amino acids in those same supplements such as beta-alanine allow for energy levels to stay higher over a longer period of time. Isn’t that what endurance is all about? Even so, do take a look at the pros and cons of supplements on before investing in something which could cost a pretty penny.

As the Old Saying Goes – Practice Makes Perfect

There is nothing like building endurance by riding for longer periods of time every time you hop on that bike. Also, increase the difficulty of the paths you will be riding so that your muscles get increasingly difficult workouts. The object is to build strength if you want to increase your endurance so make your rides longer and harder before attempting a difficult trail.

Remember – You Are the Suspension, Not the Bike

One word of advice from seasoned mountain bikers is to keep in mind that no matter what kind of bike you are riding, your arms and legs are your suspension, not really the bike. Whether you are on a full suspension or rigid bike, your arms and legs will be keeping you balanced, so those are the parts of the body you should be focusing on when working to improve endurance. If they can’t take the shock, even the best suspension in the world won’t help you maintain a rugged terrain.

Remember the Importance of the Spin

Athletes who are professional cyclists will tell you that cadence is going to build endurance once you get the spin right. The rotation of the wheels keeps you balanced, so sharp jerky movements will quickly throw you off balance. You will need to work harder to stay upright with a smooth spin and so this is something you should work to improve if you want better endurance. Why work your body harder than you need to if you can get in the flow, making it easier to pedal and balance?

One final tip when mountain biking is to always take along someone who is better at it than you are. Not only is this a good safety precaution but they can tell you what you are doing wrong, or could be doing better to help your endurance. What seems like a stroll in the park for them is a gruelling effort for you, so do take along a seasoned biker. You’ll be thankful you did and won’t wear out quite so quickly.

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