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What Is Reconstructive Surgery And How Can It Help You?

Reconstructive surgery is usually performed when damage has been done to the body, generally through no fault of the patient requiring the surgery. This surgery will repair the damage done, but it will also allow the patient to feel more like themselves again which, after a trauma, is a huge part of recovery. Reconstructive surgery can take place immediately after the initial trauma, or it can be done years later. It all depends on how the patient feels and what their doctor’s recommendations are. Here are some reasons why reconstructive surgery may be required.

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After An Accident

Accidents come in a variety of different forms. Vehicular accidents can often leave issues that require reconstructive plastic surgery including fixing broken noses, a procedure that can be performed at The Rhinoplasty Center. Injuries sustained through fire can lead to skin grafts being needed. Accidents on the football field may require more facial plastic surgery, or for limbs to be fixed using pins. Accidents happen every day and in every situation. Reconstructive surgery allows those who suffered through them to live a normal life again afterwards. 

Birth Marks

Birthmarks are formed through abnormal pigmentation on patches of skin. They can be tiny or huge. They can be light or dark. Although they don’t generally affect anyone’s health, some people who have them dislike them intensely and request surgery to remove them or lighten/darken them so that they are the same tone as the rest of their skin. The procedure can be performed in a few different ways, but lasers are the most popular.

Birth Defects

Some babies are born with congenital disabilities such as a cleft lip or skeletal deformities. These problems can cause serious health issues later in life, and it is usual for reconstructive surgery to take place. Rhinoplasty may be required to widen the breathing channels in the nose due to a cleft lip, for example. The babies who require surgery often go on to live healthy lives.


Sometimes cancer itself can be the cause of a deformity or problem that requires reconstructive surgery to fix. Sometimes it may be the treatment for cancer. Breast cancer, for example, can require the removal of one or both breasts, known as a single or double mastectomy. Once completed, the woman will need to choose how she wants to proceed. One of her options is to have reconstructive surgery to create new breasts. If she prefers not to do this, surgery can still be undertaken to reduce the scarring that will occur due to the tissue removal.

After Weight Loss

If someone loses a large amount of weight in a relatively short space of time, the skin that is left can be unsightly. Reconstructive surgery can remove the excess skin and create a better look. It can boost that person’s self-esteem which may be low due to the excess skin. Then they can feel wonderful not only because they lost a lot of weight, but because they look good too.

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