What is Sublingual Absorption?

What is Sublingual Absorption?

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Hundreds of years ago, spit was used as an ancient lie detecting method in India. The accused party would have to chew a mouth full of rice. It was believed that if they were lying their mouth would be dry, and they wouldn't be able to spit the rice grains back out. Crazy, right?

What is Sublingual Absorption Blog

While spit might not be able to determine guilt, your salivary glands can offer a wonderful alternative to traditional methods of taking medicine. What is sublingual absorption all about, and could you benefit from it? Read on to find out!

What Is Sublingual Absorption?

The word sublingual comes from the Latin language, and it means under the tongue. Sublingual absorption methods are a convenient way of taking medication, without having to initiate digestion. Instead, the medicine can easily diffuse into your bloodstream through special tissues under your tongue.

You also have sublingual glands that sit underneath your tongue, receiving their blood supply from sublingual arteries. The sublingual arteries are closely linked to your lingual artery that flows into your jugular system. A variety of medications can be absorbed sublingually, including steroids, CBD, cardiovascular drugs, THC, and even vitamins.

Forms of Sublingual Drugs

What does medication look like when you're going to take it sublingually? It depends on the type of medicine your doctor prescribes. For instance, there are convenient sublingual tablets that make it easy to take the perfect dose.

You simply place the tablet in your mouth, wait for it to dissolve, and then take a sip of water. Sublingual tablets usually have rapid dissolve times, and leave behind very little residue.

Another option is sublingual strips, which will also dissolve rapidly in your mouth. Moving on, sublingual drops make it easy to customize your dose. If you're taking medicine, such as CBD, where you can choose your dosage amount, sublingual drops and tinctures are a great option.

Lastly, sublingual sprays are also popular since they're easy to dispense and transport. The type of sublingual medication you choose to use largely depends on your personal preference.

If you want to be able to take your medicine as quickly as possible, we suggest getting a pre-made sublingual strip or tablet. It'll be easy to know when your dose is done absorbing since the strip will completely dissolve.

Whereas when you use an oil or tincture, there can be a little bit of guessing to determine if your sublingual glands are done observing the medicine.

Drug Administration Tips

It's always a good idea to learn more about sublingual absorption best practices. For instance, it's always a good idea to carefully read the label of whatever medication you're about to take sublingually.

In some cases, smoking, drinking, or eating after taking your dose of medicine can impact its effectiveness. You should also understand that sublingual consumption methods aren't a good idea if you're taking a drug that you want to be processed slowly and your system. For instance, extended-release formulas shouldn't be taken sublingually.

Lastly, if you have mouth sores, talk to your doctor before putting any type of new medication in your mouth. It's possible that open mouth sores could become irritated by the medication, and eventually even infected.

If you smoke cigarettes or have mouth sores, just be upfront with your healthcare provider. Find out how long you should wait before starting the medication and get clarity about the rules for drinking and eating after taking your medicine. If you start to experience any type of irritation after you begin a new medicine, let your healthcare provider know right away.

Top Advantages of Sublingual

When you need medication to act sooner rather than later, the sublingual application is the best choice! Since the drugs don't have to go through your digestive system, you don't have to wait for them to be metabolized by your liver. As a result, you can take a lower dose, and get the same results, but faster!

Next, sublingual applications are also a wonderful alternative when you're using THC products or CBD. Instead of having to vape, or smoke flower, sublingual offer a hassle-free alternative.

Now, patients can enjoy fast relief from whatever it is that's discomforting them. You might be thinking, why not just use edibles instead? Both THC and CBD edibles are powerful ways to enjoy the medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer.

However, the downside of edibles is that they take a long time to kick in. Since edibles have to pass through your digestive system, it can take hours before you begin to experience relief. Sublingual, offer an almost immediate effect, kicking in with his little as 15 minutes.

Tips for Taking Sublingual Medication

Lastly, let's go over some of the top tips for taking sublingual medication. For starters, you'll want to be seated in an upright position. If you try to administer medicines sublingually while you're lying down, you could wind up choking.

Next, remember to avoid eating or drinking right before or after taking your dose. It's also a good idea to avoid smoking at least 1 hour before and after taking the medication.

While seated in an upright position, place the recommended dosage under your tongue and tilt your head slightly forward. By tilting your head slightly forward you'll be able to avoid accidentally swallowing the dose. Gently hold the dose under your tongue for the prescribed amount of time.

Typically 2 to 3 minutes is long enough for your body to fully absorb the medicine. Once you think the medicine is fully absorbed, wait a little while before rinsing your mouth out.

Unless the medicine instructions tell you to do otherwise, wait 5 minutes after taking your dose before taking a sip of water. Once the dose is fully absorbed, and you've washed the taste out of your mouth, you'll be all done!

Caring for Your Body

Learning about sublingual applications can make taking new medications less intimidating. If you think you could benefit from the convenience of taking your medicine sublingually, reach out to your doctor today. You'd be surprised how many different medications have sublingual alternatives to their pill forms.

Once you get your new medication, be sure to ask the pharmacist any questions you might have about any sublingual absorption questions you might have. Are you ready for more helpful tips like the ones you read in this guide? Go ahead and spend a few minutes exploring the rest of this site!

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