Contact Lenses: What to Know About Them

Contact Lenses: What to Know About Them Before Buying Your First Pair

Sydney is known to be a top destination for travellers, with over 16 million tourists visiting the city every year. As Australia’s most populous city, Sydney is also one of the most attractive cities to live in due to its unique lifestyle and the countless things you can do. Whether you enjoy subtle activities like sightseeing and going to the beach or something more adventurous like floating in a hot air balloon and kayaking, the city can offer you all these. However, regardless of what activities you enjoy more, there is no denying that one common frustration people may have has to do with keeping their glasses on.

Contact Lenses: What to Know About Them

Imagine going to the beach and wanting to go for a swim, but having to remove your glasses to do this. Anyone who regularly visits an optometrist in Sydney due to poor vision can attest to the struggles of not being able to see without glasses. However, having them can also get in the way many times, so when this happens, a common compromise is to wear contact lenses. Before you get on to buying your first pair, read about a few things to know about them to ensure you do not run into discomfort.

Do Not Skip on Cleaning

As a new wearer, you will have to get used to a cleaning regime for your lenses. The routine can depend on what your optometrist recommends to you. However, the general process is to rub and rinse your lenses on fresh solution every time you remove them. This entails emptying out the case and putting in a new solution. The cleaning process may seem tedious at first, but you must not skip on cleaning at any time as doing so can risk you getting an infection.

Get Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Before you purchase any contact lenses or start wearing any, it will be a good idea to visit your doctor to get recommendations on it. Start by getting your routine eye check to assess your vision, then ask about the specific products that your doctor can suggest. For example, the contact lens solution may seem like a small thing, but it is also important to choose one that matches the type of lens you are wearing. Similarly, even while wearing contact lenses, you must still continue visiting your doctor for regular appointments. If you are not a good candidate for contact lenses, you can try progressive lens like the ones at for a comfortable vision for both near and far.

Stay Calm and Relax

If you’re up to have contact lenses or glasses, you can easily find an optometrist in Sydney,  ensuring the best service. Once you visit, your first attempt at putting in your lenses may not be the most enjoyable as you are still getting accustomed to the feeling. It is also natural to feel some concern about poking or scratching your eye. The best way to go about this is to stay calm and relax. It may not be the most pleasant feeling trying to wear lenses the first time, and you may even have to try a few times before you get it in. However, as long as your eyes and lenses are clean, you do not have to worry about touching your eye.

You can check out these steps to help you put in your contact lenses if you are still having a hard time with it. Do not fret if you cannot get it in immediately as this is normal. Take your time to get used to the feeling of putting the lenses in and wearing them. Similar to how your eyes may need time to adjust to new glasses, your eyes will also need some time to adjust to the lenses.

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