Should I Take SARMs for Weight Loss?

Should I Take SARMs for Weight Loss? A Quick Fitness Guide

Is there a secret to quick weight loss?

For some, losing weight is as simple as cutting calories and working out. There are others, though, who are willing to try different supplements.

They think that if others have gotten good results from supplementation, then maybe, they too, will benefit from taking them. Of course, not all weight loss products even those labelled ‘natural' are 100% effective or safe.

Secret to Quick Weight Loss

That being said, let's talk about SARMs for weight loss, so you can decide if you should include these fitness supplements in your routine.

First: What Are SARMs for Weight Loss?

SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are one of the most popular supplements among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. They're marketed as an alternative to steroids, but without the horrible side effects.

Sounds promising, right? Before you order the best SARM for weight loss such as Ligandrol or RAD 140, it's important to do your research.

While effective for building lean mass and muscle strength as shown by early clinical studies, they're not exactly legal (more about this in the next section). If you're a professional athlete, you should think twice before trying SARMs.

The Big Question: Are SARMs Legal?

According to U.S. Pharmacist, it is legal to sell and buy SARMs, but only those that are marketed as research chemicals. What's illegal is to sell and buy SARMs that are labeled as dietary supplements. This is because these products aren't currently approved for use in humans in the US and other countries.

Now, if you're still keen on trying SARMs, they're available online, but be very careful where you buy them. Some stores sell SARMs that don't even contain an active ingredient of any kind. There are also stores that have ingredients that don't appear on the label.

No Side Effects? The Truth About SARMs' Safety

If you're asking, “Are SARMs good for weight loss?” you need to clarify what “good” for you means.

For example, anabolic steroids are effective, but they're not safe. As for SARMs, while they're supposed to be safer than steroids, it's hard to dismiss the fact that the FDA hasn't approved them for use in humans.

There are some reports that SARMs produce severe side effects including liver toxicity and testosterone suppression. If your goal is to cut weight, it's still best to follow what's proven to work – eating right, working out, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking or drinking too much.

Want More Fitness Tips and Advice?

Now that you know more about SARMs for weight loss, are you thinking of trying them out?

Before you do, consider what we've discussed here including their legality and safety. Always remember that transforming your body shouldn't come at the expense of your health. Take things slowly, watch what you eat, and find a workout regimen you can stick with.

For more fitness tips and advice, feel free to check out our other posts. We also have tons of posts on other health-related topics including medical technology, medical research, pet health, and so on.

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