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Negative Effects of Alcohol and Benefits of an Alcohol-Free Life

The impact of alcohol on the body system begins the moment one takes the first sip. Its effects both short and long-term on the body, lifestyle, and mental health are severe. Though studies indicate an occasional glass of wine isn't a source of concern, continuous and cumulative impact of consuming wine, beer or spirits can take a serious toll on the body.

But first, a little about the effects of heavy drinking on our personal lives. For instance, the toll it takes on relationships over time. Furthermore, it often contributes to workplace problems which can, in turn, lead to unemployment. And lastly, frequent alcohol consumption in conjunction with operating a car without a Low Cost Interlock-type installed breathalyzer device can lead to devastating results on the road. Added up and these risks make alcohol unappealing even before health consequences are brought into the picture.

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Now onto the risks posed to health after alcohol consumption occurs:

Excessive alcohol consumption results in the abnormal production of digestive enzymes by the pancreas. These enzymes build up leading to an inflammatory condition called pancreatitis, which can result in serious complications over time.

Sugar levels in the body become disoriented. The pancreas is vital in controlling the body's insulin use and response to glucose levels. When the pancreas and the liver become inflamed, then it poses a risk of having low blood sugar, since a damaged pancreas fails to produce adequate insulin to act on sugar. Large amounts of sugar in the blood causes hyperglycemia and side effects linked to diabetes.

Alcohol alters the functionality of the circulatory system; it affects the heart and lungs. Chronic drinkers are at higher risk of experiencing heart-related complications compared to those who do not drink. Research shows that women who indulge in drinking have high chances of having heart diseases than men. The circulatory complications include hypertension, irregular heartbeat, stroke issues, heart failure among others.

Those who drink beyond limits bar their bodies from keeping the bodies strong and healthy. The long-term consumption makes the skeletal and muscle system to grow thinner making one vulnerable to fractures when they fall; these fractures tend to heal at a slower rate. Also, excessive alcohol renders muscles weakness, often cramping, and at last atrophy.

The immune system is paralyzed a great deal by alcohol, as the body's natural immunity reduces. This effect subjects the body to weaken in fighting off various diseases, germs and invading viruses.

Binge alcohol drinking causes blackouts, memory loss, and anxiety problems. If this one does not stop, the long-term effects expose him to permanent brain damage, mental health issues and alcohol dependence.

Alcoholism is associated with seven types of cancer; the common ones include mouth cancer and breast cancer. Also leads to liver cirrhosis.

Cutting out alcohol has numerous advantages to the body health. Even those who are not in a community of a hardened barfly, there are lots of reasons one should stop drinking alcohol to gain improved body systems.

The Short-Term Benefits

Having a better night’s sleep will cause the person to notice a substantial increase in energy since those who drink alcohol fall asleep quickly but never enjoy long hours of healthy deep sleep. Quitting alcohol ensures better sleep and easy waking up than the hangover alcoholic days.

Alcohol- free days enhances a better appearance; alcohol is diuretic hence frequent urinating leads to body dehydration. Thus, a stopping drinking makes the eyes and skin to look brighter. Also, alcohol contains lots of calories, therefore, being free from alcohol affords the body to keep a healthy weight.

The Long-Term Advantages

Stopping alcohol consumption, particularly heavy or habitual drinking has many positive effects. Try it for a month, and the benefits will prove themselves, ranging from an improved liver functioning, low blood cholesterol, balanced blood sugar. The immune system will be stable, creating natural resistance to diseases such as common cold, pneumonia, and other preventable diseases.

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