Common Back Problems

The Most Common Back Problems (And How To Fix Them!)

Today, the focus is on something that lots of people suffer from on a daily basis; back pain. More specifically, what are the most common back problems, and how can you solve them?

Lumbar Lordosis

Lumbar lordosis is often referred to as an anterior pelvic tilt. It’s an issue that causes your lower back to be under extreme stress and causes lots of pain. People with this issue will often find it hard to stand up for long periods without pain. The cause of this issue is a mixture of muscle imbalances. Your abs and glutes are too weak and aren’t doing the jobs they’re supposed to do. Your hip flexors are too tight, and all of this leads to your back getting tight and taking all of the work-load.

The main reason for imbalances like this to happen is from sitting down for too long. People who work at a desk will find themselves with this issue more often than not. So, to fix this issue, you have to deal with the source. Get a comfortable chair and a back support cushion while you sit. Then, make sure you’re sitting with correct posture to take the strain off your back. You also need to do corrective exercises to get your abs and glutes firing again. As well as some stretches to loosen your hip flexors and back.

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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a painful medical condition that tends to occur in older people. It occurs when the spaces in the spine narrow and cause pressure on the spinal cord. Often, this can cause pressure in the sciatic nerve which leads to a pain going through your leg. There are many things that can cause this problem, the most common of which is old age. And, some people can be born with spinal stenosis symptoms as it’s hereditary.

Regarding how you fix this issue, we turn our attention once again to posture. Sitting with better posture can help you stretch out the spaces in your spinal canal. To fix this issue permanently, some people undergo spinal stenosis surgery. This can help relieve the pressure on your nerves and leave you pain-free.


While the first two problems will affect your lower back, kyphosis is an upper back problem. It’s when your upper spine is too curved, leading to a hunched back. There are different types of kyphosis and different causes too. A lot of the time, the issue is caused by bad posture. If you sit hunched over a desk, then your spine will curve excessively. Often, if your shoulders are always rounded forward, this can cause kyphosis too.

Once again the main way to fix this is with proper posture. Sit with a straight spine and your shoulders back, head upright. Keeping a proper posture will help with any back pain you have, trust me. You should also try and do corrective exercises to fix your posture and bring those shoulders back.

If you suffer from any of these back problems, then I hope this has helped shed some light on them. With my advice, you can identify the cause and work on fixing the issues.

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