Medicine Cupboard Staples

Medicine Cupboard Staples

Whether you’re building an emergency first aid box or are just looking to have some helpful go-to products in your bathroom, your medicine cupboard should have some fundamental staples to come to your aid in times of need. There are some products which have a multitude of uses and can others which should just never be forgotten. Restocking on these medicine cabinet must-haves means that you will never be caught short in an emergency.

Medicine Cupboard Staples

Olive oil

If you go to the doctor with complaints about not being able to hear out of one ear, then it is incredibly likely that they will send you away with a prescription for either a medicinal ear wax loosener or olive oil. A clean, high-quality bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil is always useful to have on hand to cut down on the cost. It can also be used to remove makeup in a pinch, in case you come home from a long night out, only to find you’re fresh out of makeup remover.  


How many times have we all been caught out without a band-aid in the event of catching our hand on something sharp or accidentally cutting ourselves in the kitchen? Having a go-to box full of band-aids will never stop being useful. It’s wise to get a healthy variety of large, small and other specialist sticking plasters as you will need these for a variety of circumstances. While blister plasters may be more expensive, regular versions seldom cut it if you have a tight pair of shoes.

Basic painkillers

Ibuprofen and aspirin (same medicine group) and paracetamol are all absolute must-haves for your medicine cupboard. Not only are they vital for numbing a headache, but they are also useful for alleviating illness symptoms such as having a temperature. They are also useful for reducing inflammation, which is ideal if you have injured yourself.

Rehydration salts

If you are unfortunate enough to have been struck down with a stomach bug, then you could very quickly start to lose much-needed moisture in your body and become dehydrated. It’s not always easy to keep fluids down when you’re ill, and so rehydration salts help to maintain a healthy balance when you are in dire straits.

Calming aids

Anti-sting, antihistamine and general remedies for flare-ups are always useful to have on hand at a moment’s notice. Having an allergic reaction to a product or food can be not only incredibly uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. If you do need to go to the emergency department, you can at least lessen the symptoms before you leave. 

If you have any specific medical needs, these should also be in your medical cupboard. Your medicine cabinet should serve your basic needs, as well as cater to any unsuspected emergencies. If you wake up with a blocked ear, a cold or accidentally slice your hand while chopping, you want to ensure that your cupboard can cover your back for at least a limited amount of time.

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