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Small Lifestyle Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Health

Your daily habits and routines play a major role in your overall health. You may surprise yourself with all the poor choices you’re making throughout the day when you break it down. Don’t feel bad because it’s easy to overlook what you’re actually doing on a daily basis when you’re busy rushing around.

Be glad to know there are small lifestyle changes that will make a big difference to your health and how you feel. There’s no need to think about your wellbeing as one large project. View the challenge in smaller parts that can be slowly modified and changed over time to improve your life.

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Track your Steps

Maybe the thought of exercise scares you, or you’ve tried it and didn’t care for it. Give yourself another chance at working out by exploring more work out options. Start small by tracking your steps and using it as a way to make sure you get in the recommended amount of movement each day. Doing this will cause you to be more aware of how little you’re moving each day and bring awareness to the fact that your body requires more exercise. Small changes could be you taking the stairs, going on more walking breaks at work and heading to your gym once in a while. Consider all of your options before giving up on exercise once again.

Switch from Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking harsh cigarettes aren’t good for you or your lungs. Instead of stopping cold turkey, get an e-cigarette starter kit from Smoko. You won’t have to deal with the bad smell, discoloration or health complications that cigarettes cause. You’ll change your life forever with this small modification. You no longer have to feel ashamed of your habit or try to hide it from other people. Making the switch is smart and good for your health.

Bring your Lunch to Work

Save your money and calories by bringing your lunch to work. All it takes is cooking at home and going to the grocery store more often. You’ll thank yourself after a few weeks when you have more money in your pocket, and your clothes start to fit better. This is a small adjustment to your diet that has the potential to deliver great results. If you miss the socializing that comes with going out to eat then see if anyone else in the office wants to start bringing their lunch and eating with you.

Build Deeper Relationships

Never forget how a good friend or family member can instantly lift your spirits. Feeling connected to other people is a real mood booster. Being alone all the time and cooped up in your house has the potential to cause sadness and depression. Put your efforts into building deeper relationships with the people you already know. Spend quality time with others, ask questions that allow you to get to know someone better and always be on the lookout for networking opportunities. These types of connections will have you conversing, laughing and feeling like part of a bigger cause.

Go to Bed & Wake up at the Same Time Each Day

Sleep is critical to how well you function each day. Staying up too late and allowing stress to ruin your precious shuteye isn’t healthy. Make a simple change by scheduling a time you’ll go to bed and wake up each day. Pick a time and keep it the same for the duration of the week, including on weekends. Late nights may seem like fun at the moment, but they’re hindering your health. This easy change in your schedule will make a world of difference to how you sleep and feel each morning.

Monitor your Drinks

Take inventory of what and how much you’re drinking on a daily basis. This includes water, alcohol and any other additional liquids. Cutting back on sugary and alcoholic drinks will save you calories and help you feel better mentally. Drink a lot of water throughout the day and always keep hydrated. It’s good for your energy levels, skin and much more. Try to cut back on the caffeine as much as possible and get your natural energy from your workouts and having a good night’s sleep.

Limit your Overtime Work Hours

Overworking yourself will take a toll on your wellbeing. You have to set boundaries and limit how much time you’re spending at the office. If it’s a problem, talk to your boss and try to see what you can get off your plate. Remember that you come first and will only perform your best when you’re healthy and not overwhelmed. If you’re a morning person, tweak your hours to go in earlier and get more done right away. On the other hand, if you work best in the afternoon then sleep in a bit and come in later ready to work hard.

Control your Food Portions

It’s not always about what you eat, but how much you eat at one time. You don’t always have to give up all your favorite foods to lose weight and feel good, but you do have to have control. Measure your portions if it helps you stay on track and not cheat. Keep a food journal and write down what you’re eating at each meal. This will bring awareness to you about what’s truly going on with your food patterns. This is another reason to cook and eat at home because you have more control over how much you’re eating, versus when you’re at a restaurant.


Stop looking at your health goals as one large challenge. Pick apart your daily habits and start evaluating what small changes will make a big difference in how you operate. Your lifestyle is made up of a lot of little choices that add up to what your overall health and wellness blueprint looks like. You have to be willing to be honest with yourself and make changes that feel awkward at first. Track your progress so you can easily see your developments as you continue on your journey to better health.

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