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All You Need to Know About Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera, also known as Moringa tree or the drumstick tree is native to Africa and Asia. They are medium-sized evergreen trees, which growin almost all types of soils. They grow rapidly and can reach a height of 12m in a very short span of time.Its leaves and fruits are edible and have been consumed by people all around the world.

From ancient times this plant has been used to treat various illness and diseases, like diabetes, anemia, liver disease, heart disease, skin, arthritis, respiratory, digestive disorders, and more. Moringa leaves and the dried fruits have been used in their powdered forms as a traditional remedy for many ailments.

How Moringa powder is made?

Moringa leaves are harvested during the rainy season so that you get the fresh newly sprouted leaves. This also gives enough time for the plant to develop new leaves within the next harvest season. Once the leaves are collected, the following procedure is followed to powder them:

Drying the leaves: Dry the Moringa leaves in the shade, away from sunlight, to retain the vitamins and minerals in it. This will also secure the leaves from pests and dust; it preventsthe risk of contamination. You can also cover the leaves with a thin cloth or mosquito net.

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Grinding into a powder: Once the leaves are completely dry, you can powder them by grinding with a pestle or by simply rubbing them against a fine screen.

Storing the Moringa powder:You can store the Moringa powder in air-tight containers away from direct sunlight, humidity, and heat to avoid loss of nutrients. The powder can be stored for up to six months.

What are the benefits of moringa?

Here are some benefits of Moringa that you should know before using the product:

Reduce tiredness and fatigue: Moringa is a good choice for people who feel prolonged tiredness and fatigue. Consuming 10g of Moringa Powder in a day can provide 46.8% of iron, 19.1% of Magnesium, and 32.5% of Vitamin A.

Improve your skin: Moringa powders can redefine your beauty by keeping your skin healthy, and radiant, they protect your skin cells from oxidation stress.

Enhance immunity: The best result you can get by consuming Moringa is a healthy immune system. It contains 46.8% of Iron, 32.5% of Vitamin A that helps your body to resist infections and illness.

Muscle growth: Moringa leaf powder holds nine essential amino acids, which are a complete package of proteins, essential for muscle growth.

Anti-stress: Its high magnesium content makes it a home remedy for treating depression, restlessness, insecurity, anxiety, sulkiness, apathy, headaches, and irritability. A single serving of Moringa powder holds 19.1% of Magnesium that helps in maintaining normal psychological function.

Vision: Consuming one serving of Moringa everyday contributes to normal vision, as it’s rich in Vitamin A.

Moringa Leaf

Adding moringa to your daily diet plan can be effective and healthy. It’s a natural way to enhances internal strength, prevent tiredness and prolonged fatigue, improves vision, and makes your skin look healthy. Stop spending more on chemical treatments and start using Moringa for a healthy life.

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