Legally Keep Your Pet

Legally Make Sure Your Pet Lives with You despite Objections

People who do not love pets can never understand the deep emotional bonding between the animal and the human. They typically take their presence as nuisances dirtying premises and barking uncontrollably. Owners find it especially difficult when the companionship of the pet is vital to seek relief from a critical mental condition. In fact, help from pets is a recognized therapeutic procedure to help patients suffering from acute emotional distress. The law also supports this, but the owner should be able to display an ESA certificate to the rental owner with no-pets policy. The Fair Housing Act makes it compulsory for landlords to oblige with the pet owner in accepting the no-pet rule, except certain specific circumstances.

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The Use

One can use an emotional support animal certification to ensure that the pet lives with him or her despite a no-pet policy on the premises. In fact, pet owners have been able to overturn urgent eviction notices by the legal immunity granted. The Fair Housing Act postulates support for pet owners who need the companionship of their furry friends on therapeutic grounds. The certification also entails you the right to allow your pet on a registered flight. In fact, the law stretches as far as to oblige non-compliant rental owners to construct a comfortable living space for the pet within his premises in critical situations.

The owner must be suffering from a proven emotional distress such as insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, ADD, and panic attacks. Parents with autistic children can also greatly benefit by the unconditionally loving presence of a pet. You can easily certify dog as an emotional support animal by a competent online service.

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The Exceptions

Owners must be aware of the exceptions entailed in the ESA certificate. It is important to note that it is not the same as a service dog certificate. Service animals perform in a much wider scope of challenges that might include sniffing out smugglers, running after poachers, protecting premises, or helping a blind/paralyzed owner. However, a service dog can also have emotional support value, so blind owners should be able to prove that they are suffering from mental distress besides the physical limitation.

Valid or Invalid?

The emotional support animal prescription essentially is a signed and dated letterhead from a licensed medical practitioner. The prescription would duly mention that you are in treatment for a certain medical condition and the presence of the pet has therapeutic value. The letterhead should display a valid license number of the emotional support animal doctor. Other circumstances where the certificate is invalid include the acceptance of your pet in commercial establishments with no-pet policy. You cannot take the animal with you in a restaurant or a hotel where they do not allow it. In addition, if the rental unit only has four living spaces and one of them is occupied by the landlord, then he has the authority to deny your pet.

However, many homeowners may not be even aware of this fact! If you are facing problems in this area, get in touch with an accredited emotional support animal therapist service online. Applicants need to fill up an eligibility form and wait for it to pass assessments to obtain the certificate. The process typically does not take more than two to three days.

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