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Perfect Shaped Butt with Food

If having a well-rounded butt is one of your dreams, then it is time to take a look into your diet. The food you eat on a day to day basis has a big say on how your backside looks. It might sound ridiculous at first, but it is the truth. The process of tuning the butt and getting a proper shape will be a much easier task if one knows what to eat and when to eat.

Apart from the exercise that needs to be done, for putting on weight on the butt eating proper food is crucial so here is a look at some of those foods that you will need to make your butt more beautiful.


Eating the right amount of nuts at the right amount on a daily basis can put you in the right track. Nuts can help you gain some good weight on the butt as one ounce of nuts can contain up to 140 calories. Nuts usually consist of almonds, peanuts and cashews. For the ones who doesn’t like to eat nuts as a standalone food, can use them in a salad or something similar.


Avocado is an all-around healthy food. It is not only a butt toner but can also do wonders on your health within no time. It is made up of various components like fiber, potassium, mineral and vitamins along with a good quantity of fat. The monounsaturated fat in avocado is something that will help in gaining weight quickly. However, if not controlled properly, the intake could lead to some excessive gain.

Greek Yogurt

What sets Greek yogurt apart from regular yogurt is the amount of fat. It packs a minimum of 16 grams of saturated fat while the regular yogurt only carries 5 grams. The food is effective in gaining weight, but the excessive amount of cholesterol involved makes it a dangerous choice. The intake levels of the Greek yogurt should be moderated properly otherwise, it could lead to heart diseases.


This one is for all the non-vegetarians out there. Tuna is a great add on for the butt and one can of tuna carries around 200 calories. It is a rich source of healthy fat and proteins and can be consumed with mayo, sweet relish and egg. Tuna salad is a great way to ease the food down the windpipe and due to the high amount of calories involved in the food; it will shape up the butt pretty well.

Dried Fruits

The dried fruits contain high amount of sugar content. Compared to the fresh fruits, dry ones put on more weight on the body. They pack more calories than the fresh ones and are easy to carry around without the fear of getting rotten. Some people might prefer fresh fruits over the dry ones, but if you are looking to tone that backside, keep apart the likes for some time.


Most of the people who will be looking to lose weight drops potatoes from their diet since it has a rich amount of carbohydrates. But what most of us are not aware of is the amount of calories that Potatoes have. One average sized potato is rich with 160 calories or more. To balance this out, it is also a rich source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Potassium. Another easy hack to get the best out of potatoes is to eat the unpeeled ones. They are most nutritious than the peeled ones and can make the process of toning butt faster.

Perfect Butt

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