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How To Feel More Alert Without Caffeine

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wake up feeling like a zombie. Sure, downing a couple of double espressos will do the trick for a little while. However, when you crash, that weariness catches up with you with more intensity! If you’re looking for a way around this, then read on. Here are some of the ways you can increase your alertness, without more caffeine!

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First of all, drop napping. A version of this was used by Thomas Edison to induce outer-body experiences. Obviously, that’s not the object here! This is essentially a condensed power-nap, with an added alarm. It only lasts a few minutes, and will give you a nice little booster to round off the day. To do this, simply sink back into a comfortable chair, holding something heavy in your hand. When you begin to drift off, the object will fall from your hand, and jerk you back into alertness. It takes some practice to be able to do these. However, once you have them, they’ll come in handy for all sorts of things.

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Micro projects could be another good way to give yourself a jolt when you need it. This is especially true if you’re self-employed or work from home. A micro project is anything which will keep you more engaged than the work you’re doing. If your first idea for this was watching paint dry, then I certainly recommend giving it a try. Perhaps you’re learning a language? If so, take a couple of minutes to test yourself on a phrase or word. If you have a crafty project on the go, keep it near your desk. Even having a Rubik’s cube around can be a good micro project. When you take a moment to engage in something else, it keeps you in a productive mind set, but also makes a refreshing change. Just make sure you set a strict time limit, and actually finish your work!


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Although there are countless reasons why you might be feeling lethargic in your work day, diet is one of the most common. If you’re not drinking enough water, then this could be at the core of the issue. You should be getting around 2 litres of water a day – about 8 cups. Fruit and vegetables are also important to having healthy energy levels. Try to get your recommended daily amount, but target foods that have potassium and vitamin B . You can find a more complete guide here: . Energy supplements could also be a good idea. Countless varieties exist, as you can see here: Don’t rely too much on these though. Supplements are called supplements because that’s what they are! You should never really use them to completely replace a healthy diet.

Pushing yourself through the day with low energy levels is horrible. However, if you take these tips, you’ll notice you have more energy for more of the day. As you try different things, pay attention to how your body reacts. Eventually, you’ll find the best combination specifically for you.

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