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Is Dieting the Best Alternative to Dangerous Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs are everywhere in today's world. We live in an age where if we deal with any sort of health condition, anything from depression to being overweight, we look to a doctor to prescribe something to cure it. It is as if we view our bodies as things that can simply be fixed with a pill, like a mechanic fixes our cars.

The big question is whether prescription drugs are really the best way to take care of our bodies?

Prescription Drugs – Acme Solution to the Myriad Health Problems?

It is important to take into consideration the effects these drugs can have. For instance, Actos, a medication for Type 2 diabetes, has been linked to numerous health concerns, even including cancer. Along with cancer, Actos side effects can correlate strongly with heart failure and cardiovascular disease. Is this pill really what you want to take to treat diabetes? A medication for high cholesterol, Crestor, has been shown to cause life-threatening muscle damage and sudden cardiac death. There are consequences to relying on these prescription drugs to solve health problems.

The Alternative Solution

So what alternatives does a consumer have when looking for treatment for health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol? It is easier said than done, but one of the best courses of action is a healthy diet. There are countless health conditions which can be treated or even prevented solely by eating healthier.

By eating an unhealthy diet and counting on prescription drugs to medicate your condition, you are putting yourself at risk for a host of other health problems that may result from the drug itself. It may sound far-fetched, but many doctor prescribed drugs even have life-threatening side-effects. It’s a lot simpler and safer to eat healthier and treat these conditions on your own with a healthy diet.

What Constitutes a Healthy Diet?

So what should your diet consist of? Avoid fatty, greasy food as well as sugary foods. This doesn't mean cutting these kind of foods out of your diet entirely, but more so, sticking to a balanced diet with a happy medium of all kinds of foods. For many people, this means including larger portions of vegetables at meals. Soft drinks and sweetened beverages should also be kept to a minimum, as they increase your risk of diabetes.

As far as a high cholesterol diet is concerned, you can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Stick to fat free or reduced fat milk. Lean meat, like chicken and turkey, are better for you than red meat. Whole grains are also a good choice.

Final Note on Diet and Exercise

[box type=”note”]Pairing a healthy balanced diet with exercise is the best way to combat a lot of health conditions. Not only is it often more effective, but you can also rest assured heart attacks or cancer won’t rear their ugly heads as a result of your method of treatment.[/box]

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