Many experts these days often think of alcohol addiction as a disease. It is not a bad analogy because once you have it, it can be hard to get rid of. It also means that the concept of whether or not you are to blame for an addiction you may have can be left at the door. Doctors now believe, that like a disease, a patient who develops an addiction is not to be blamed.

There are a number of environmental and developmental factors that come into play when finding the cause of an addiction. Also like a disease, addiction can be broken. For a disease the cure is often medical treatment and pills. For an addiction, the cure can be yourself.

Alcohol Dependence
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Admit To Yourself That You Have A Problem

You have to accept that you have a problem with alcohol addiction and that it needs to be dealt with. If you continue to believe that there is no issue, then you will never free yourself of it. Also, do not compare yourself to others because you think they drink more than you. First, whether or not they get help for their addiction is their choice and not yours. Second, some individuals can cope with higher levels of alcohol. That is not to say it is not affecting them but it the issues may be more prevalent in you.

Speak To Your Friends And Family

You do not just have to admit your addiction to yourself. You must tell the important people in your life. The first reason for this is to beat the addiction you are going to need a support system. Part of this will be your loved ones so it is vital that they know there is an issue. Second, it may have been affecting them more than you realise and this is the time where you should get all the feelings about the issue out in the open.

Seek Help

Many people believe that they can beat an addiction without professional help. They think that all it takes is a little willpower and determination. They start by just cutting back on drinking. But then, when a bad day comes, they immediately resort back to their old handicap. This is why it is important to seek help from a professional. There are alcohol treatment centres for women and men that will help you get back on track. This is also where the other part of your support system comes from. Remember, think of your addiction as a disease. You would not try and treat a disease without the help of a doctor, would you.

Cutting Back Will Often Not Be Enough

As, already mentioned some try to cut back the quantity they drink. But addiction is caused by underlying factors the individual can often not see. That means you are not in control of the cause of your addiction. The best way to deal with it then is to eradicate it completely and go tee-total. It will be difficult at first but one day you will wake up and realise how much better your life is without a dependency on alcohol.

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