Foods Causing Hair Loss

4 Type of Foods that Can Cause Hair Loss

When we think about hair loss, we usually think about causes such as stress, aging, neglect, overuse of styling products and hormones. However, what we often fail to realize is that there is a very prominent connection between hair loss and diet. Apart from the fact that many dietary nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, iron, zinc, etc., are necessary to keep hair healthy and strong, it is also true that there are a number of food items that can also bring about or escalate hair loss in both men and women. So let’s now take a look at four such foods that you should probably be wary of, especially if you have recently started to see more hair on your towel after a shower than usual.

Milk and other Dairy Products

Acidic foods, in general, are not good for hair and most dairy products can lead to acid formation when ingested. In addition to that, dairy products can also trigger delayed allergies in some people which are a major reason behind hair loss. It has been found that commercial grade milk and other dairy products can contribute towards epidermal plaque formation, which is one of the prime reasons behind hair fall and miniaturization of the follicles. Strangely enough, all these negative effects of dairy are brought about by the pasteurization process. Unpasteurized milk has little to no negative impact on hair, as it turns out.

Aerated Drinks

They are a combination of sugar and acid; both of which are bad for the body as a whole and especially the skin and hair. Since carbonated drinks instantly cause blood sugar spikes, having too much of it on a regular basis for a long time can lead to insulin resistance. As insulin resistance has been linked to baldness in males and females, it should be obvious why these are a bad idea.


The sugary cereals you love eating may taste good but they are also very efficient in spiking up blood glucose levels and that’s bad news for your entire body, including your hair. Now imagine the fact that we often eat sugary cereals in combination with pasteurized milk in the morning and hair loss suddenly starts to feel like an obvious consequence. As the cereals hardly have any fiber left in them due to artificial processing, there’s more harm than benefit in having cereals for breakfast.

Greasy, Oily Food

If what you are about to eat is oily, it’s bad for your health. It will clog your pores, restrict blood flow to the hair follicles and the scalp in general. Apart from escalating hair fall, greasy food will also block your heart and arteries up over time.

While this list should help you avoid any dietary mistakes that may bring about premature baldness, thin hair treatment cannot be neglected and is necessary to control and reverse the damage that has already been done.

The good news is that most types of hair loss brought about by poor dietary choices can be reversed with timely treatment and by simply cutting out the culprits on this list.

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