Select the Best Clinic for Cataract Treatment

How Can You Select the Best Clinic for Cataract Treatment?

A cataract is a common vision problem among older Australians and one of the leading causes of complete visual impairment. When your eyes' normal lens gets cloudy, it makes your vision frosty, blurred, or fogged. Mostly, the problem develops gradually and starts affecting your eyesight.

The impact isn't painful, but it can interfere with your routine activities, making your life difficult. Cataract surgery is the proven way to get rid of it. Still, you need to trust only a reputable clinic like PersonalEyes, where you will get a thorough examination for discussing the procedures and choosing what’s best for your eyes. 

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Here are a few significant points to help select the best surgeons for cataract treatment. 

Ask About the Treatments Available

Though surgery is the best and most trusted treatment for cataracts, it involves two main procedures. In typical cataract surgery, the surgeon will make an incision to remove the defective, cloudy lens and replace it with an intraocular lens for restoring your vision. The incision is made with a blade to wash or break the cataract. An IOL is also inserted through the same incision. 

The second procedure is the laser surgery that’s much safer and faster. Using a Precision Laser system, the surgeons create a circular opening for removing the cataract without a blade. The laser softens and breaks up the cataract for easy removal. The procedure doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes, and your vision will restore in 2-3 days. 

Visit the Clinic for Consultations

When you visit the clinic for a free consultation, you can garner first-hand information about their expertise and resources. Look closely at the cleanliness of the clinic and the behaviour of their staff. The in-clinic consultation also gives you a chance to have an upfront dialogue with the specialists to understand your problem and solutions. 

When you are there, ask them questions about the risks inherent in the surgery, side effects of the treatment, and check if you are the right candidate for cataract surgery. Specialists at PersonalEyes offer detailed guidance to resolve your dilemmas and offer the best solutions to your cataract problems. 

Consider the Costs and Insurance

The surgery costs vary according to the type of treatment and lens you select. If you have insurance, it can make a massive difference to the final costs. 

For example, if you don’t have insurance, you can pay the bulk bill at a public hospital or pay around $4500, with out-of-pocket expenses up to $2500 per eye at a private facility. 

If you have insurance, the costs will reduce per the coverage. You can expect to pay around $700-$2000 for the treatment. Also, ask the clinic if it offers No Gap procedure as well. 

Check the Surgeon’s Credentials

The cataract treatment needs experience and specialisation in the latest technologies. Hence, it will help if you lay your trust in a team of experienced ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, and specialists. 

Check their credentials online or ask about them when you visit the clinic. Licensed and certified professionals have nothing to hide, so they will cooperate and offer all the information you want. 

Remember that nearly half the Australian population aged 65-74 is affected by cataracts. You can get your normal vision back without succumbing to complete blindness by choosing the right treatment at the right clinic.

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