4 Rolling Exercises For Enhanced Core Strength

4 Rolling Exercises For Enhanced Core Strength

Fitness enthusiasts often rely on multiple workout routines to achieve the right physique. Every gym training starts with strength training that revolves around the core. As the core muscles develop, so does the strength and endurance. You must perform the rolling exercises for increasing the core muscles’ volume. Make sure to incorporate roller exercises into your gym routine. That way, you can fetch a stronger core and back for performing high-intensity workouts. Some workouts that work best with the rollers are hollow planks, fetal rolls, and mountain climbers.

Read below to know more about rolling exercises and its variants for strengthening the core of your body. 

What Are Rolling Exercises? 

Rolling Exercises


Experts use different gym accessories to increase the effectiveness of the exercises. One such accessory option is the foam roller that helps in developing better abs. Rolling workouts are the exercises that use rollers to control body movements and increase the muscular tone. Such workouts prove to be beneficial for strengthening the abdomen, back, and chest regions. By stimulating the muscles belonging to the middle and outer abdominal layers, rolling exercises increase the endurance. Along with this, it helps shift the body weight from the lower part to the upper part in a controlled manner.

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Here are the top rolling exercises that help in increasing muscular salubrity and enhance your work sessions. 

  1. Starfish Roll 

Starfish Roll


Body movements involving the core musculature are effective in increasing strength and flexibility. It enables you to perform workouts without any efforts. One such rolling exercise is the starfish roll involving the rectus abdominis and other abdominal muscles. All you need to do is lie down on your back over the foam roller. Make sure to put your head on one end of the roller and your waist on the other. Then, extend your arms and legs in an X-shaped pattern and stretch your body. Begin by moving your legs upwards till you lie on your back over the roller. Hold in the position for a while and reverse the movement. You might repeat the same step using your upper limbs using the thoracic spine and shoulder musculature. 


  • The exercise stimulates both the upper body as well as lower body musculature in an alternative pattern. It alleviates any neuromuscular incoordination and improves your core strength.
  • Also, the exercise involves multiple groups of muscles. From working the gluteus muscles to stimulating the muscle fibers of the deltoid and trapezius, the exercise does it all. 
  1. Plank Roller

Plank Roller


Almost every fitness enthusiast knows how crucial the plank exercise is for improving core musculature. You can improve exercise efficiency by using the foam rollers. All you need to do is perform the plank over the roller. It put more strain on the core muscles, but it involves the back muscles like supraspinatus, teres major, and teres minor. Start by putting your hands on the roller and hold still for a few seconds. Then, bend down in the usual plank position and squeeze your core muscles. Make sure to put your elbow right above the roller and control your body to prevent any movement. Hold in the same position for at least 30 seconds and repeat the same after breaks. 


  • It strengthens the layers of abdominal muscles and helps in developing abs. With regular plank exercises, you can develop the muscles like transverse and rectus abdominis. 
  • The exercise helps in improving your posture and prevents any spinal abnormalities. Most of the chronic pain conditions like lumbago occur due to improper posture. With regular planks, you can correct body posture and prevent many spinal disorders. 
  1. Fetal Roll 

Here’s another rolling exercise that provides miraculous results in developing your core strength. It also accelerates the development of abs by involving the major abdominal muscles. You can start by lying on your back and elevate the legs in a table-top pattern. Rest your torso on the floor and raise the arms till your thighs. Begin the movements in a side-by-side pattern. Make sure to keep the torso on the floor. You must move the head along with bodily movement and put a strain on your glutes, core, and back muscles. Along with this, try not to collapse while moving across the roller. In the beginning, you are likely to find the exercise difficult, especially when the movement starts. However, the exercise becomes easier as you practice daily. 


  • It engages your core and stimulates the musculature upto a great extent. Along with this, the exercise boosts your stamina and improves endurance. Don’t forget to perform at least 5 repetitions for maximum benefits.
  • Along with the core, fetal roll also stimulates the muscles of the lower limb. It enhances the circulation in your legs and increases the replication of muscle cells. That way, you end up with toned legs in no time. 
  1. Mountain Climbers 

One of the best exercises for improving core stability is a mountain climber. Not only does it involve your core, but also boosts the stability of your lower limbs. You can increase the benefits of this exercise by using foam rollers. Make sure to place your hands on the roller and maintain stability while moving your lower body. Start by holding the roller with your hands and maintain balance for a few seconds. Further, move your right leg to your waist by flexing the knee joint and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the same movement for your left leg and get back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times to maximum engagement of the core muscles like rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles. 


  • The exercise helps in increasing your body’s endurance and ability to perform high-intensity exercises. You tend to gain flexibility and better control over your body parts. 
  • It engages your core muscles and boosts circulation in the abdomen. Further, it also helps in improving posture, strength, and stamina. Make sure to perform the exercise daily for enhanced agility and calorie burn. 

Bottom Line

If you’re about to start with your fitness journey, make sure to strengthen the core muscles. With better control over the core musculature, you can control your body without much trouble. Try performing the rolling exercises that revolve around your core and abdominal system. List down a few rolling exercises and perform multiple repetitions daily. It provides alleviation of neuromuscular pains, including the backaches. Also, the exercises are a great way to develop control over the lower and upper bodies. You learn to shift your body weight from the lower body to the upper and vice versa in seconds.

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