Adapting Our Way of Thinking to the Pandemic Situation

Adapting Our Way of Thinking to the Pandemic Situation

With the pandemic settling in, it seems like many medical professionals have managed to adapt to the situation and know how to work around it in their daily duties. Still, a lot has to change in the grand scheme of things if we are to move forward safely and confidently. There are some ideas that have to be revised slightly, while others will be completely thrown out of the window for the time being. This is an important consideration for anyone working in the healthcare field. Not just high-ranking physicians, but everyone involved in the process in any capacity.

Adapting to the Pandemic Situation

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Some Old Methods Are Not Relevant Anymore

Certain approaches are obviously no longer suitable for the current situation. This is especially true in areas that involve working with multiple patients simultaneously. Physical contact is also something that’s being revised significantly already. Many physicians have become more open to the idea of providing consultations over the phone, video calls, or other remote tools. And this has opened up the eyes of the whole sector to a simple truth – we were likely overdoing those physical interactions in the past.

It Starts with You

It’s easy to look at those around you with a critical attitude and scrutinize others for their mistakes. But you have to remember that you yourself are not infallible. You have to make sure that you’re complying with all relevant new regulations and procedures and to keep yourself informed about new developments on that front. Consider appropriate preventative measures where applicable. You’ll likely find that there are lots of opportunities to minimize the risk early on, or even eliminate it completely.

Don’t Keep Quiet About Violations

Compliance is a nasty subject for some, and an uncomfortable for others. But those procedures exist for a reason. That critical attitude we described above is actually not a bad thing to have from time to time. Pay attention to what’s happening around you and remind people of the new rules they have to follow when appropriate. And most importantly, if you see something out of the ordinary, be proactive about it. Don’t just keep quiet and hope that someone else will report it in time. Just think about how many new cases you can prevent by saying a single sentence to the right authorities. Don’t push this to the extreme, of course – nobody likes working with someone who’s clearly only interested in looking for reasons to get them in trouble. But remember that it’s partly your responsibility to ensure that everyone is compliant.

Some of these changes will likely stick in the long run after the pandemic is behind us for good. As we pointed out about some of them, they simply make sense even out of the context of the Coronavirus situation. So, make sure that you pay attention to the way things are developing in this regard, and take notes about what you might have to change in your attitude and workflow in the future. We are laying the foundations for something entirely new and unexplored right now, so be patient.

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