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Getting The Perfect Fit: How To Ensure Your Sports Shoes Fit

Shoe shopping is not always an easy task, and shopping for sports shoes is perhaps the hardest! Sports shoes are not just about the look or colour, but about the fit and the comfort. All these features play an important role in protecting your feet and saving you from potential injuries. So buying the right pair of sports shoes is of absolute importance!

The fit is the most important factor. You may have found the most expensive shoes with a ton of fancy features, but if they don’t fit you right, they are of no use to you. Sports shoes come in a range of choices. Some shoes are ideal for running, while others are apt for playing badminton or other such sports. To avoid buying the wrong pair and giving yourself blisters and cramps, take a look at the tips and guidelines listed below. These will help you find the perfect pair!

Understand The Intended Use

What does that mean, you ask? Well, first and foremost decide why you need these shoes. Will you be running on a treadmill, on an asphalt track, at the beach or on a forest trail? Different terrains require different shoes. Furthermore, it also depends on the activities that you will take part in. Do you run or do you jog? Do you play cricket with the neighbourhood guys, or is tennis your thing?

So before doing anything else, narrow down on the intended use of your new sports shoes. For instance, Lotto sports shoes cater to people with different needs. Browse through to find the pair that suits you best.

Get The Correct Length!

While the length may sound like a very obvious factor, it is extremely critical. Take your time to carefully measure the length of your feet. When you buy shoes, the gap between your longest toe and the body of the shoe should be about the width of your thumb. This little trick can save you from a lot of hassles in the future. When you have room to wiggle your toes, it means that you are giving your feet the space it requires to naturally expand after a long day of activity.

Foot Size Measurement

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Don’t Forget The Width

While people concentrate on the length, they most often forget to measure the width of their feet. Your feet need space from all sides. Make sure that when you try on a pair of shoes, your toes are able to move side to side, without going over the edge of the insole. A shoe that is too narrow will squash your toes and make it painful for you to wear them for too long.

Socks Are A Must!

When exercising, we all wear socks with our shoes. However, we often forget to have them on when buying new sports shoes. Gym shoe socks are usually made from a thick material. Though it may seem insignificant to you, they do take up space within the shoe. A pair of shoes may fit perfectly when your feet are bare, but the same may feel tight when worn with socks. To get the right fit, don't forget the socks.

Flexibility And Comfort

Sports shoes have flexibility, but the level of flexibility and comfort offered vary from brand to brand. To match the flex points of your feet with your shoes, take a sports shoe and press its tip towards the ground. The bending point should match the point from where you arch your feet. The best squatting shoes are those that provide comfort and bend to a great degree. The wrong flexibility points can lead to muscle strain and Achilles tendon injury.

Shopping After Sunset!

Feet expand throughout the day. Your morning measurements will be smaller than your evening ones. Don't believe me? Take out your measuring tape! Anyway, the best time to shop for shoes is to do it as late in the day as possible. This will ensure that you don't end up with shoes that become tighter as the day goes by.

To keep your feet happy and comfortable, make sure you take your time to find the perfect pair of sports shoes.

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