Emerging Killer Diseases in India – An Infographic post image

Emerging Killer Diseases in India – An Infographic

An intriguing health statistic about India is that every fifth death in the world is from India. India's population accounts for about 17.5 percent of the world population but India accounts for 19 percent of total deaths across the world. The emerging trend is that Indians are increasingly dying due to various heart conditions including Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD), commonly known as a heart attack, which now tops the list of top 10 killers in India with 1215.4 deaths in the year 2012 surpassing infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia, who were the leading killers in 1990.

India's Biggest Killer Diseases in the 21st Century

Non-communicable diseases were responsible for 68% of all deaths globally in the year 2012. In recent times, India's disease burden has also swayed in favour of non-communicable diseases, particularly diseases that are influenced by various lifestyle changes such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and road traffic accidents. The following infographic details the various diseases causing deaths in India and its comparison to global statistics:

Diseases Causing Deaths in India Infographic

Infographic Source: ICICI Lombard

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