Four Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

Four Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

We all want to put a good face out in the world, and if we’re happy and content with our appearance, then it also makes us more happy and content with ourselves. But sometimes this can seem difficult to do, and topical products may get expensive or hard to find. But lotions, creams, and makeup are not the only ways to make improvements to your skin’s appearance.

Four Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

Everyday life and our environments can wreak havoc on our skin. What we eat, our geographical location, and even the amount of water we drink can all have a huge effect on the health of our skin – not just on our faces but all over our bodies. Dry, itchy skin that can occur during the winter can feel almost impossible to deal with, or rashes from allergic reactions and too much sun are too hard to get rid of. To help combat this, you should try to focus on healing your skin from the inside out.

Remember Sleep is an Investment

The first rule of healthy skin is getting enough sleep. This may seem surprising, but the benefits of sleep go far beyond increased energy and mental clarity. Getting enough sleep can help your skin maintain the right level of moisturization to prevent your skin from drying out, especially in colder months. Enough sleep also enables your skin to better protect itself from damaging UV rays that we all expose ourselves to when going outside.

As much as the body restores itself during sleep, the skin restores itself as well. Those who clock enough hours of snooze time report feeling more attractive and confident in their own skin. Skin cells regenerate more at night while the body is resting, just as your body resets and heals itself during sleep. This may contribute to the fresh-faced feeling reported by those who get adequate amounts.

Know About Vitamins and Supplements

There are a number of proven supplements and vitamins out there that may be beneficial to your skin’s health. Collagen and stem cells encourage the production of new skin cells, which helps rid the body of dead skin cells and keeps the skin looking fresher. Skin dark spot balms and serums that contain collagen may pack a one-two punch of skin boosting nutrients and vitamins that help refresh your cells.

Vitamins and supplements can also help with surface issues such as wrinkles and skin conditions like acne and rosacea. The name of the game is clean and moisturized, and many skin-beneficial vitamins help your skin retain moisture while encouraging clean pores. This ties in with your diet as well. If your diet is lacking in natural vitamins and nutrition, your skin may suffer as well.

Be Mindful of Hydration

As mentioned above, hydration for your skin is the most important. One of the best ways to ensure good skin hydration is to ensure that you are taking in enough water. Water is beneficial to our bodies in so many ways, and our skin is a clear sign of whether or not our water intake is adequate. Water flushes out your body’s systems, which includes your lymphatic system, helps your systems operate in top shape as well as gets rid of toxins and excess debris that may clog pores or vessels.

Don’t Slack on Sunscreen

A good sunny day, especially if it’s after the doldrums of winter, might be enticing enough for many of us to run outdoors to bask in the rays like we haven’t seen them in a lifetime. But while getting adequate sunlight for that vitamin D is super important, just as important is remembering to slather sunscreen on any parts that might be exposed. Also important is ensuring the sunscreen is strong enough for the time of year, and reapplying sunscreen the longer you are outside.

Sunlight can cause a myriad of skin woes that go far beyond a possible sunburn, and many of them won’t be made evident until years down the road. Dark spots and skin aging are common effects from too much sun exposure, not to mention the higher risk of developing melanomas. Your best skin health tomorrow relies on you being smart about sun products today.

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