Beat Coronavirus With Ayurveda

How To Arm Your Immune System To Beat Coronavirus With Ayurveda

Australia has 4,561 coronavirus cases to date according to There are various recommended prevention measures to curb the spread of this infection. So, you have to avoid exposure and to take good care of yourself and family. The best way to beat coronavirus is to boost your immunity. This doesn’t mean using steroids and artificial supplements that might harm your internal organs. Restoring your immune system naturally with Ayurveda lessens the chances of getting this virus.

Beating Corona Virus with Ayurveda

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Ayurveda and boosting the immune system

Enhancing Ayurveda remedies offers solutions to various ailments. Ayurveda boosts the immune system to prevent possible illnesses for your wellbeing. Amid the escalating COVID-19 pandemic across the globe including in Australia, embracing Ayurveda remedies strengthens the immune system. This requires making easy changes in your habits to reset your immune system to beat the virus.

Ways to beat COVID-19 with Ayurveda

Positive mind-set

Having a positive mind is very important for you especially during these trying moments. This is the time to surrender to uncertainties the pandemic has brought. Embrace any challenges that might come during this period with calmness. A positive mindset will give you the courage to stick to your daily medication or yoga routine. With a calm mind, your natural healing powers are stimulated making your immune system resist coronavirus infection.

Adjust your diet

During the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing is encouraged to keep everyone safe. You can get the same attention through online consultation as a visit Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala in Australia. From wherever you are, access to the services through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype is possible. Ayurveda emphasises balancing Kapha to keep channels open for the lungs to balance pitta that manages fever.

People who eat red meat are at risk of getting coronavirus from an infected animal. Ayurveda encourages a Satvik diet to protect and boost your immunity. The Satvik Ayurvedic diet is according to body type to protect you from getting infected by COVID-19. Sticking to a Satvik vegan diet makes your immune system strong enough to beat the chances of getting coronavirus.

Drink regularly

Coronavirus thrives in the throat where it leads to difficulty in breathing. Avoid a dry mouth to lessen the chances of exposure. Ayurveda advises drinking tea and warm water regularly at least every 30 minutes. This washes the virus down through the throat into the stomach where acid here deals with it. Not drinking regularly allows the virus to enter into the windpipe easily into the lungs to make breathing hard. The rule of thumb is to avoid taking ice-cold drinks.

Use herbs

Coronavirus originated from Wuhan in China. However, the outbreak is now under control through various efforts including the use of traditional herbs. These are very useful in supporting overall health and counteracting symptoms of the infection. According to Ayurveda, some of the herbs to consider beating this virus include:

  • Guduchi to enhance immune protector and lessen fever
  • Tulsi for managing fevers and clearing the lungs
  • Ginger improving your Agni (digestion) and cleansing body fluids
  • Liquorice to protect mucous membranes and immune system

Ensure to consult your doctor before using any of these herbs. It is very important to take the herbs in recommended doses to get the best results. A good idea is to take about 1.5 to 2 litres of tea within 24 hours to beat the virus.

Keep nasal membranes clean and strong

To boost immunity in your nose, use nasal oils. During exposure, the virus spreads from the nose into the throat into the lungs. To stay safe, keep the nasal membranes strong and clean. Ayurveda recommends using ready-made nasyam oil known as Anu Taila. You have to put two warm drops of this oil in your nostrils and inhale every day in the morning.

Go for a detox

Another way to boost your immune system through Ayurveda is having a detox. Accumulation of toxins in the body weakens the immune system making you prone to infection and disease. Your immune system weakens on exposure to contaminated water, air, and food. This accumulates hazardous toxins in the body. Visiting an Ayurveda centre for special detoxification is rejuvenating while flushing out toxins.

Help others

According to Ayurveda and yoga texts, ‘Dana’ is a concept of giving from the little you have personally or collectively. Dana is more than a financial contribution. This is giving from your heart in the form of any support to others in need to help them survive the pandemic. Give people around you some form of assistance and nature will reward you abundantly.

Bottom line

You can save yourself and loved one from the deadly COVID-18 pandemic through embracing Ayurvedic practices. This natural remedy works together with modern medicine to curb symptoms of the virus. Having a positive mindset, adjusting your diet and using appropriate herbs is essential to beat the symptoms of coronavirus on exposure.

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